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My name is Tory I am 18 years old and looking to make it big i guess lol even though there's like no chance I figured I'd give it a try anyway ya know just to say I did. I live with my family, they supports me in every way possible. I'm planning on getting married in the next few months. I have a few close friends and tons of people i know, I cant go anywhere without running into to someone. I have four little sisters ages 14, 11, and 2 and 1. I hope to have kids someday hopefully not to soon though. My favorite color is red lol and unlike most girls who weigh a hundred pounds I enjoy fast food a lot and I eat all them time lol. I don't diet never saw a point to it really I have a fast metabolism and I exercise I should be good. For a small girl I can out eat about any guy oh and all my friends are guys except for one girl and a few lesbo's that really don't count lol. I'm half Irish and half German. I love shooting pool, swimming, reading, drawing, painting, hockey, Wendy's, and the rain. I would like to learn how to play the guitar, my fiance is astonishing at it he can play anything you throw at him and then some. I am a pack a day cigarette smoker and I enjoy it a whole lot, I drink on occasion also. I am also a bisexual and very proud of it and not afraid to admitted it even if other people don't like it. That's pretty much all I can think of right now if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask.


Well I don't know what to put here so I'm going to guess that I just list people who have helped me realize my dreams. The first is my wonderful fiance Kevin, he's always been there for me even through the worst of things, he even helped me with my past. Another is my mom, she raised me and taught me to never give up and to take care of myself. Finally my friends I owe a lot to, they've always been there for me for the last five years, most teenagers loose there friends after a few months, but there still here encouraging me ever step of the way.


03 Feb 10 23:01
Hey Victoria!!!! thank you on the friend request would like to work with you soon beautiful =)
15 Jan 10 23:38
Victoria, welcome to iStudio. You have Outstanding potential and I wish you much success!!!!
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