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"It's not the Camera, it's the Photographer behind it". - CSDewitt Buck

My name is C.S. Dewitt Buck, hence the name CSDewitt Photography. I'm an International Artist of Photography with over 30 years experience with a camera in my hands. I'm originally from Detroit, Michigan and currently live in the Atlanta Metropolitan area in Newnan, Georgia.

I travel throughout the Southeastern United States, Fort Wayne, and Detroit when I travel, I'm open to working with models in these areas.

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*****NOTE****Models please don't ask me to pay you. If I have a client and/or project that needs your particular look or skills, I will contact you or post a "Casting Call". So let's communicate and see how working together will make FANTASTIC Photos.

I am a business oriented individual who takes pride in his work. I'm looking for serious models with a relaxed, cool, calm, open-minded demeanor who want to produce the best possible images. This is a Professional Photography Business for Up and Coming, Amateur and Professional Models/Talent.

I am here to partner with you so we both GET PAID for our efforts. As you see in my port I SHOOT NUDES. With that said, NUDITY IS NOT REQUIRED to achieve our goals. However, if you have no ideas to bring to the table that accomplishes this goal please don't show up for a shoot talking about, "I don't do nudes". I am open to finding a middle ground as long as that ground produces revenue for our efforts.

Please expect this to happen before the photo session starts;

*Model or TFCD Release
*Inspect & Copy Your Photo ID
*2257 Compliant Form for Topless, Nude and/or Fetish work

Cover and Photos spread of cover model in Magazine taken by Christopher S D Buck.
0AJ Anderson is coming to Malkia Magazine. by C.S. Dewitt Buck, on Flickr

0Malkia Magazine-Jordan Promo - July 2015 Model: Jordan by CSDewitt Photography, on Flickr

HARDNINE - February 2012 Model: Anzhelika Yakimenko by CSDewitt Photography, on Flickr


Published in "Love Socket" Magazine Premier Issue
Premier Issue of Love Socket Magazine by CSDewitt Photography, on Flickr


HARDNINE Magazine - July 2012 Cover by CSDewitt Photography, on Flickr







Christy Smith - "Chris Buck is an awesome professional photographer and I really enjoyed working with him. Follow his work on Twitter, Facebook, Model Mayhem, iStudio, and Miss Online! Become a fan of CSDewitt Photography on Facebook today! Can't wait for our next shoot!"

Designer: Roz PMwear Wesley
Designer: Tracy Johnson

Make Up Artist: Molly MUA - MM# 1270912
Make Up Artist: AndreaMakeUpArtistry.com
Make Up Artist: KatFlynt.com

Lexi Bizzare Model Mayhem# 3376339 x6 (photo sessions)
Katlin Tucker Model Mayhem
Amelia Simone Model Mayhem# 2277933 x2
Jenovax Lilith Model Mayhem# 3518538
Adrienne Davies
Ashley Breeden x2
Iris Alternative Model
SydneyLove34 Model Mayhem# 3502683
oh suzanna Model Mayhem# 1359596 x2
Liberty Press Model Mayhem# 627908 x2
Mynx Unlisted Model Mayhem# 2836470 x7
Melinda2013 Model Mayhem# 3050353
Ashley Krawczak Model Mayhem# 3065697
Betty Love Blue Model Mayhem# 2956754
Rose Connors Model Mayhem# 2844995
Aline Segatti Model Mayhem# 3066780
Karina Model Mayhem# 2332769 X3
Faith Daniels X2
Ender Lee Model Mayhem# 500168
Nambi Mawii Model Mayhem# 2491085
Gabrielle X2
Eva Forte Model Mayhem# 2724071 x2
Kris Jimenez Model Mayhem# 2307028 x2
Dez Huber Model Mayhem# 2672290
akabeccalyn Model Mayhem# 2604792
Babyeyez Model Mayhem# 2552639
Spoiled Diva Model Mayhem# 2317821 x4
Sorcha Cross Model Mayhem# 2550326 X2
Anzhelika Yakimenko Model Mayhem# 1727460
Marissa Bennett Model Mayhem# 2177229
Lawrence Model Mayhem# 4744
Kim Buck IFBB Professional Woman's Bodybuilder - KimBuck.net x5
Audrina Fox Model Mayhem# 1588832
Aleena S Model Mayhem# 1745440 x8
Last "Fae" Standing Model Mayhem# 2352770 x3
Beauty in a Small Package Model Mayhem
Hada Pixie Model Mayhem# 1000556 x3
Zed Pitts Model Mayhem# 1944680
Ppramberlee Model Mayhem# 1797212
Just Julie Model Mayhem# 4984 x6
Chelsea Christian Model Mayhem# 1630037 x3
Ann Baldy Model Mayhem# 1161577 x2
Rockell Starbux Model Mayhem# 1581405
Natasha Lima Model Mayhem# 1913924
Jalise Elite Model Mayhem# 1199023
Exclusive M Scarlet Model Mayhem# 761887
Mz Indie Model Mayhem# 1307250
Angelica Christine Model Mayhem# 1397228
Lovebones Model Mayhem# 369118 x2
Chelsea Randall Model Mayhem# 1549169
Christy Smith FaceBook and Miss Online x2
Liv Lawless MySpace
Die Wylde MySpace
Debanie Doll Plus Size Model Model Mayhem# 416278
Rosie Pitt Element Model
Natalie Geanann Model Mayhem# 1084285
Dirty Diana Model Mayhem# 1464802
Ali Joyce Facebook
Robin Marie Wilson
Megan Ott Model Mayhem# 1058930
Leeigh Model Mayhem# 1481834
Mandy Heart, Model Mayhem # 1383076
Devon Puckett, Miss Online Model x2
Alecia A. Craine Model Mayhem#1226269
Sari Dang Model Mayhem# 379405
Brandi Marie Model Mayhem# 13955, One Model Place# 71720


19 Jan 15 04:36
Thank you for the list and pic coment hope our paths cross one day. For more of my work there is links to my other sites.
23 Feb 14 21:27
Great port! Wishing you all the best :-)
04 Nov 13 08:40
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.535127509908352.1073741831.516687228419047&type=1 Hi how are you? would you be able to help me by going on the link and click like on my pic plz it's for a competition i'm in. Thanks for your support
31 Oct 13 07:41
Thanks again Dude!
29 Oct 13 08:32
Hi, it's my pleasure as always, i like visiting your port and seing your great work
05 Sep 13 05:08
Your very welcome and yeah sure i will stay in contact with you. Wish you all the luck in your continued success. Best wishes Amanda
04 Sep 13 17:33
Wow phenomenal port, your work is beautiful
28 Aug 13 16:30
Thank you for the tag. Yes I travel quite a bit...this is my main job & plan on coming to Atlanta soon for a project. I am very active on model mayhem & you will find alot more detailed work there. Message me with any ideas. Lovely port :) xoxo
14 Jul 13 23:35
hello there , Thank you for the friendship . I would love to collaborate with you too sir, if someday i have plan to goin to your neighborhood :)
15 Apr 13 02:24
Thanks for the Tag. Nem
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