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I am an Australian photographer who made the switch from wildlife and landscape photographer to portraits and artistic nudes whilst in England on a 6 month working holiday.

I have done 40 shoots to date - 26 in my home studio, 3 in professional studios, 2 in models homes and 9 out on location.

I have worked with a wide variety of models from first timers through to highly experienced professional models.

I enjoy trying new styles and experimenting with both lighting and technique.

I am keen to do more shoots in outdoor locations

Particular styles or images I want to try:
- Sitting in or next to a waterfall
- Long hair blown by the wind
- Gothic
- Historical costumes
- Black and white images




15 Dec 10 15:54
Welcome! Please feel free to take advantage of my Holiday Retouch Special. More info can be viewed on my profile! Thanks :)