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Professional photographer, relocated from Atlanta a few years ago and from Mexico City before that where I was born and raise. I shoot Boudoir, Glamour, Chaku-ero, Lingerie and nudes ranging from old Playboy style to Hustler.

I shoot content for the Internet, magazines and private use. what better present for your loved one that a sexier you? For small magazines or web site entrepreneurs, I am flexible and open to most negotiations.

TFCD I do shoot TFCD from time to time, right now mostly just looking to shoot Chaku-ero and erotic work on TFCD.

PLEASE READ: I do allow escorts but I do have strict policies in place for them, so if you plan to bring an escort to a shoot ask me first.
If you are tattooed beyond one or two, or very noticeable, large etc, I may not want to work with you.
If you speak Ghetto instead of correct English then we definitively have no business shooting together, messages in broken English for reasons other than English being your second language will not be answered.
DRUGS don't shoot, I do not work with anyone that is commonly under the influence of any addictive substance. Not only because is wrong but also because drug addicts tend to be unstable and unpredictable and that tends to trouble.
Lotion helps a lot to hide small defects on your skin and makes the skin tone look more even, if you are uncomfortable with me or someone else helping you to apply, please come to the shoot with good quality lotion applied already.

Tín chỉ

I am rebuilding myself so I do not have any current work published, looking to start again with some small magazines and websites. Highly interested in printed material so if you have a magazine I may work for credit but you still have to cover the model and expenses.

I am rebuilding my website and I am not in a hurry so is not working as for now.


21 Jan 14 00:01
Wonderful port...keep going...
09 Jan 14 15:13
thanks you, look forward to working with you :)
08 Jan 14 12:20
Thanks so much for your comments and friend request! You have a great port. Best of luck to you!
21 Aug 12 07:39
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