Людмила - Strawberry
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Ngày tham gia:15 Jul 2016
Ngày gần nhất:18 Jun 2018

Về tôi

I would like to find an interesting job, which will be my inspiration in life, which will be my pleasure, and i will have a possibility to show the beautiful sides of our life, rare naturally places of our planet and exclusive human creatures and things. Hope to meet a professionally oriented people, who love their jobs, and looking for a person to be inspired by beauty of life.
I like to discover something interesting in life, visiting different places of our planet, taking part in some social events, and enjoy sometimes very simple things like a beginning of new day, listening to a movement of sea waves, or looking on how flower blossom. All spheres of life i consider as important, necessary and interested in new knowledge and possibility to improve yourself.
So i would like to meet with people who thinking the same style like me and who ready to watch with me the beauty of this world


22 Aug 16 17:05
Very pretty
10 Aug 16 11:29
What a wonderful look, I hope we will be able to work together..... soon.
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