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Ngày tham gia:28 Nov 2015
Ngày gần nhất:7 May 2018

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I offer inexpensive photography services to help build my portfolio and yours with quality photographs. An escort is always welcome and a Model Release is required at the time of our photo shoot.

I am interested in: modeling; fashion, group photography, such as parties and family gatherings; photographing memories of elderly relatives in nursing homes; Reunions; product photography; pet photography and art object photography.

I can bring a photography studio to your location (lighting, backdrops and quality camera equipment).

Send me your ideas for a photo shoot and we will take it from there. Both our portfolios will benefit from the arrangement. I will travel up to 50 miles without travel compensation.



12 Dec 15 05:51
Thanks for adding me! Great work!
03 Dec 15 19:52
Nice work!
01 Dec 15 11:15
Your work is wonderful
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