Fantasy and Seduction
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Ngày tham gia:31 Jul 2011
Ngày gần nhất:17 Apr 2019

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I have always enjoyed the work of Olivia de Berardinas, Helmut Newton, Suze Randall, and so many others. A few months ago, I took my courage, and my camera, in both hands, and began shooting with models through a local group.

I have had a great time, so far. I have worked with some awesome models, and learned a great deal. Some things were good, some life's bitter lessons. But every shoot I get just a bit better, a bit more aware, capture slightly better images.

So what is my style? I am still evolving that. I can say I don't want to be the guy who always shoots models in front of neutral backgrounds. I like shoots where the background matters, too. I like contrasts, and the unexpected. However, I am always looking to expand my range, my repertoire, to find shoots that challenge me to dig deeper, so what I have shows where I have been so far, but doesn't limit where I am going. I like all kinds of models: tall and short, skinny or curvy, tattooed and pierced, or just plain. All women are beautiful, and I want to capture that beauty. I love making great art, and to me, there is no better feeling than looking at an image and thinking, "Nailed it!"

So, if you have read all this way, and want to work with me, please contact me through here, or through my website, . Thank you, and I look forward to shooting with you!

Tín chỉ

Barbie Lynn+ #1934400 (a total sweetheart and an inspiration)
Justine Mariiie+ #2089326 (creative and enthusiastic)
Sie ist Idaho #381942 (a fun and professional model)
w o l f p u p #720766 (so many great looks)
Ivy Dupri #1997943 (so elegant)
Crystal Stewart #693282 (amazing and bubbly)
Jessi June #1430220 (professional and adorable)
Miss Sativa+ #1785959 (sexy, creative, fun)
SamaraMae+ #1184851 (energetic and enthusiastic)
Savannah Sly+ #1066683 (gorgeous, and a pleasure to shoot with)
INVY #135322 (beautiful, and a real trooper)
KrystalAnne #732261 (Fun, expressive and adventurous)

+ More than once


01 Aug 11 22:28
very nice photo
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