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Thanks for checking out my profile. I have been into photography for a number of years, shooting mostly landscapes, artistic photography, sporting events, family and travel. I have loved photography for some time now shooting both film and digital now preferring to use digital. I am looking at branching out into doing more portrait photography.

I do this is part time but am available most weekends. Drop me a message if you would like to arrange a shoot. I have also taken a number of photographic and photoshop courses so I can edit to a certain degree what I take pictures of. I love shooting different things and am up to just about any challenge. I am always looking for models who are looking to expand their portfolios and help me in expanding mine.

You can contact me a wbgphotography@gmail.com or by message here. I will usually respond in a day or so.

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13 Oct 14 23:30
Nice work!
10 Aug 11 13:20
^^ Thank For FR And Comments....^^ Your Port also Magnificent..^^
22 Apr 11 13:31
Sorry, forgot to thank for FR too. Thank you!
22 Apr 11 13:29
Thank you very much for tag and photo comments. You are very kind. Your portfolio lovely. :)
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