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My Moto: be original or be forgotten

Aloha and thank you for taking the time to visit my work here on my iStudio page.

Please visit my blueox Photography web site for more information about me and expanded view of my portfolio at: http://www.blueoxphotography.com

A bit about me: My name is Jeff. I am originally from a small town in the Midwest. I moved to Hawaii after graduating from High School to attend a local university on scholarship. I am a white guy in a sea of colors and I LOVE it!

What is photography to me: To me photography is art and with EVERY shoot I challenge myself to grow as an artist. Photography is NOT a job or any sort of work for me, but rather is one of many hobbies of mine that allows me to express myself artistically.

My photography comes from many years of studying various types of art, and working with/in many types of mediums including sculpture, drawing and painting.

My art and photography skills are also supported by an odd mixture of training/education in backgrounds in such things as: theater, set design, physical/massage therapy, religion, as well as my being a trained Master level Social Worker.

Why blueox Photography and not Jeff Woodland Photography? Well, for a few reasons but mostly because my photography is about the work that I create and the people that I work with and not as much about me. (The actual name "blueox" comes from a favorite childhood memory growing up in Minnesota.)

I work primarily with male models. Most of the models I have worked with are new to modeling. Some of the men I have worked with have gone on to pursue modeling and photography full time some of them model part time on the side, and some of them model exclusively for me. My FAVORITE thing about photography is the: is that me? "wow factor" I can get with my models.

Over the past several years of being a photographer I've met so many interesting people, shared a ton of laughter, and made some wonderful friends. Contact anyone I have worked with and I am certain they will tell you it was a great experience.

You won’t find me having exclusive club parties or any type of VIP events however, if you're on the island, please ask if there is a blueox BBQ in the plans. Come share some laughs in my home with me and the people I work with.

I'm available for paid editorial and assignment work, as well as portfolio development. My rates vary on the nature and size of project. Please see my company website for current general rates and more information. Email me for costs on specific custom designed shoots.

Feel free to leave me a message here on Model Mayhem or you can email me at jeff@blueoxphotography.com or call me at my studio, stuidoBLUE, telephone number: (808) 291-5833.

Oh... and of course I have a Facebook (Search under my name, Jeffrey Woodland) and a MySpace page as well! http://www.myspace.com/jeff808



Copyright © 2005-2009 blueox Photography a.k.a. Jeff Woodland, Photographer. All Rights Reserved. All photographs by member #1326 are protected by copyright law. No image may be used, reproduced, transferred, published or distributed in any form or by any means whatsoever without prior written permission from the author.


08 Jun 15 08:22
awesome work
28 Sep 11 07:22
Hey!!! nice!! pictures and hopefully we can work together:D -joseph
28 Apr 10 13:48
thnx for you'r add and iwish to work with us :) have anice day :)
20 Jan 10 19:17
I ADORE your work, keep it up..
06 Nov 09 21:26
I like your "Motto" Great photos...
15 Jun 09 12:55
thanks for the fr! love your work, wicked cool images!
06 Jun 09 17:20
I absolutely love your photos and concepts!!! F-I-E-R-C-E!! Really beautiful! I'm looking forward in working with yoU! If you happen to be interested, I'm just one message away.
02 Jun 09 18:14
Thanks for the luv, Great port by the way!!
26 May 09 15:34
I absolutely adore your work...you know how to utilize that palette called Hawai'i so deftly, it's quite brilliant.
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