Cherokee Cillie
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Вес:141 lbs
Параметры:36-31-38 in
Размер обуви:7.5
Цвет волос:Шатенк(ка)
Длинна волос:Длинные
Цвет глаз:карие
Национальность :Кавказский
цвет кожи:Белая
Опыт работы:Небольшой опыт
Компенсация:взависимости от работы
Вступить:20 Oct 2008
Последние:15 Jul 2010

О себе

I love photography. I have loved it since I was a little girl. Only as I’ve grown I’ve started to crave it. It has become a passion of mine; creating images that speak to those who view them. Evoking emotion through sight; speaking volumes, silently.

What do my photographs say to you? How do they make you feel? Want to create with me? FABULOUS! Then you may want to know a little more about me…

Cherokee is my real name.
I am part Cherokee.

I LOVE to travel.
By air, land or sea; doesn’t matter.

Live, Love, Laugh!
Life is more fun that way.
I smile and laugh a LOT while shooting.

I like to keep my photos PG-13.
For definition visit:

My belly button is pierced and my hair is real.
My braces will be off in the next month or so.

I can do my own hair and makeup.
Though I prefer to have a MUA.
If a MUA was used for a photo, it is noted.
If not, it is work of my own.

Rates vary depending on assignment.
Am selective about TF*, sell me on it!

I am a very busy woman.
I respond as quickly as I can.
Sometimes that means minutes.
Sometimes that means days.

OUR time is valuable.
If we book a shoot, I will be there.
I consider confirming a day and time as a booking.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


30 Nov 11 14:44
Love your work, fantastic makeup and posing.
12 Feb 10 13:58
Nice work you have, lets shoot some time...g
17 Oct 09 19:25
You have a great start to your port. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. My regards and best wishes.
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