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Nashville TN based Model Agency staff photographer with over 10 years experience working with established, new, and aspiring models. Studio and location shoots available. I do not post rates here as you will need to contact me for rates. Very select TFCD.

Started out doing beauty pageants where I photographed women that went on to win Miss Teen Tennessee, Miss Tennessee, and Miss USA.

Worked with Playboy and Penthouse models.

I do submit to magazines. If you have a magazine you wish to submit photos to we can work together. I always look for models worthy of submission to magazines.

I will do a limited TF session if I feel you are an exceptional model. If I contact you about doing a shoot then I feel you are one of those exceptional new models that have a special, certain look about you that I would love to capture. If you see my profile first and like my work, you don't know............you may have the look I think is exceptional!!! Message me and lets discuss it first. For the most part I can only accept paying photography work!!!! But if you are that someone special..... You don't know till you ask!!!!!!

Experienced model agency photographer only accepting TF offers from models that are of magazine published quality caliber looks and requirements. All other work is paid. Some models don't work for free and neither will I......

Shooting your concepts, whatever you want, at the studio. Hair / Makeup / Studio Fee, and editing of images included. Clock starts when you go in to make-up and stops when the last shot is taken. You will also be required to sign a limited release, allowing me to use your images for self promotion only (on-line and printed portfolio).

I found this link that I would like to pass it along, I hope you will take the time to read it, disagree or agree it does attempt to clear up many arguments between photographers and models:

Sure, why not, however keep this in mind: I only shoot with models who meet my specific criteria. Please don't be offended if I do not agree to shoot you. I will shoot our concepts / ideas, and you should be willing to do whatever it takes to get the shots done. You will have to sign a full commercial release allowing me to post your pictures on modeling websites. I will either arrange for you to receive a photo disc of watermarked images for you to choose your favorites for editing or you can allow me to choose what I feel are the best images from the shoot to have edited for you and then send the final product to you.

On Paying Models:
Recently I have been contacted by several "Professional Models" to hire them for paid shoots. I want to make it clear that I do not hire models for personal projects, instead use vast array of talent that is available to me on TF* basis. If you just want images for your portfolio, you will have to hire me. Once again, I feel my rates are very reasonable. My modeling advice: Good work usually isn't free and free work usually isn't good. If I do pay a model for her services and for her to wear a specific outfit the model the model MAY OR MAY NOT " receive the outfit as part of her payment. She is being paid her rates and anything more should be considered icing on the cake.

There is only one situation where I do pay models:

1. I am attending an educational photography workshop/seminar. Since the models do need to be compensated for their work, and I am not providing the models with images as compensation for their time, I gladly pay the models.

On "Professional Models":
Is getting naked for a complete stranger in a cheap hotel room for $50 bucks really considered modeling?

On Escorts:
I am a strong proponent of escorts. I think that there are many weirdo's and freaks out on the Internet, and they will pose as photographers, 12 year old boys / girls, agents, your best friend, etc... just to get their hands on a pretty young girl. The first thought on a girl's mind should be her safety. Always bring someone with you when you are shooting with a photographer for the 1st / 2nd time (until you get to know them). No pictures are worth getting hurt.

On Cell Phone Pictures and Snapshots in Portfolios:
This is a modeling site. How can you consider yourself a model if you haven't modeled? Posing in front of a cell phone camera does not make you a model. Please, do yourself a favor and get some real pictures done by a real photographer. This site is littered by pros (and some real good amateurs) who will gladly shoot you for free. Reach out to some photographers, NETWORK, ask them to get some pictures done. Believe me, if you really want to book some modeling work, no one will hire you if you have cell phone pictures in your port. You just calling yourself a model, does not make you a model. Modeling is hard work. Try it, you may not like it.

You may say, why should I waste my time and energy, I get plenty of comments on my cell phone pictures from photographers who tell me things like: you are sexy, nice look, love your (insert body part here), etc... Trust me, the only people who do that are GWCs acting like photographers who don't understand nor know the business. But if you ARE here to date, and just act the part of a model, I will tell you the same thing I tell GWCs: Go away!
On flaky models (no show, dog died, etc...):
I should list the names and MM#s of the flakes, but you know who you are.

Why is it that people schedule a shoot, and not show up / cancel at the last moment / come up with lame excuses? I arrange for studio time. I pay for my assistant and/or my MUA to be there. I take time out of my life to come and work with you. Why is it so hard to just show up? If you really want to work as a model, how far do you think you are going to get in this business when you don't show up for gigs? This is not High School. This is real life, and you are dealing with people who have real responsibilities and make commitments to be there when they promise.

I found a website that offers suggestions to new models on how to pose. Worthwhile viewing for anyone interested. here is the link: http://www.strikeposeapp.com/



Owner of " 10 " essee Model Management

Glamourcon with Alex DelMonacco
Melissa Wolf website photos
Cover photo and Feature model for Corvette web Magazine May 2016 issue
Feature in August 2016 issue of Fedora Magazine


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Like you work and your creativity. Amazing images and models!! The best to you buddy!!
17 Jan 19 09:34
Thank you for reaching out and your kind words!
15 Nov 18 13:04
What year is your Vette? I have 2. A '91 C4 in good condition and a '95 convertible in excellent condition
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Great work Eric. Glad we're friends here!
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Eric went through your port man. Is it fair to fair you got a new fan. Please come by and return the love to my port when you can. It only getz better from here.
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Thank you for the friend request, I am honored. Best wishes in all that you do.
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Welcome! Wishing you all the best.
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