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I have the confidence and courage to aim the goals in my life being positive that is. Strong willed woman with determination to be successful in life. I love challenges that measures my capacity on dealing such things. Friendly and fun to be with, you will always see me smiling because for me life is too short to be in a state of negativity. Though obviously I'm not a model but I do believe there is always a chance for people like me who is determined enough to be a model. Inspired by my sisters photography and make up, it made me realize that small people can do great poses and great attraction too. :-)


21 Oct 13 09:13
Thanks for the add Guadz! Add me on Facebook if ya have Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/donger.ja.mes.paparazzi Thanks again sweetie! :D
30 Aug 13 10:02
Hi Guadz, welcome to iStudio. Live your dreams & have a full life; have fun.
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