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CURRENT DEAL (too good to miss!) - 10 photos for £100 $160

Hello I'm Bethany. I am 21 years old (retouching since school) and from the UK. I'm a high end photo retoucher, also trainee tattooist as I have a passion for art! I also volunteer in charity shops in my very little free time. I have learnt a lot in a short space of time, I am a published retoucher.. a HUGE perfectionist, I prefer to retouch pixel by pixel. I NEVER use blur, if a blur effect is wanted then I still retouch pixel by pixel to give that effect. I like the control it gives me for the overall image.
I'm very easy to work with and friendly. Many of my clients have also become good friends. I have been working with MM clients since early 2008 and i am extremely easy to get on well with smile

Photo retouching started out as a hobby for me which quickly turned into a passion.. I have retouched for a few years now and retouching has become my full time job, I wouldn't change it for the world. I love creating beautiful images and showing clients the potential of their work and I look forward to picking up more work through this website and expanding my business with new clients.

My rates are very reasonable and are normally £15 $24 per image. I do offer a bulk rate if you have over 10 images and i also run monthly deals which you will benefit from if you are shooting a lot of images in one month. Message me for more information. You are not only paying for a service though but you are paying for my time. Therefore I do not work for free.

My turn around time is normally around 48 hours, i cannot put a time stamp on an image as retouching does take a few hours to a couple of days. It varies depending on the image and the work needed.

Why hire a retoucher? Well it gives you more time to shoot or model. It saves you a lot of time sat infront of the computer. Poorly retouched photos will scare potential clients off, but a well retouched photo "pops" and draws the client in. Meaning lots more work for you!

If you are unsure of the process just send me a message and i will talk you through it. I also have skype video call if you feel it would be best to "talk" more or less face to face regarding your requests.

I look forward to creating beautiful images with you all


28 Oct 12 14:16
Thanks for the add! Cheers!
27 Oct 12 10:30
Hi Bethany and thanks for the FR. I can quite honestly say that your work has very much impressed me. If I ever need a retoucher's services, you will certainly be at the top of my list. Jeff...
26 Oct 12 14:21
My pleasure to honor your request and I sincerely appreciate your wonderful work! I'll definitely keep you in mind for future reference.
25 Oct 12 07:34
Bravo !Great work !
25 Oct 12 02:21
Great work!
24 Oct 12 22:00
Amazing folio! Thanks for the add :)
24 Oct 12 08:26
cool stuff.. hoping work together soon!!!!
23 Oct 12 14:01
Thanks! Why not have a look at my photography? :) www.facebook.com/apatphotography
23 Oct 12 02:16
Thank you for the FR! Amazing port and amazing skills.
09 Oct 12 07:09
Thanks so much for the fr. Your work is truly amazing. Even though you are in another country, please stay in touch, who knows maybe our paths will cross one day. Hugs and Kisses, Haley B.
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