Sienna Brown
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Цвет волос:Брюнет(ка)
Длинна волос:Длинные
Цвет глаз:карие
Национальность :Другая
цвет кожи:Темная
Опыт работы:большой опыт
Компенсация:только за оплату
Вступить:27 Oct 2013
Последние:6 May 2015

О себе

PLEASE READ => This is a not a hobby for me. I support myself between modeling and training clients. WHICH MEANS, I schedule my clients around my shoots. When a photographer cancels last min, it creates a domino effect. It disrupts my client's schedules and other scheduled shoots. If you cancel on me, I will not work with you ever. I will not recommend you either in case someone asks for a referral. I consider myself a professional and I expect the same courtesy.

Please provide the following information when contacting me to book a shoot or workshop:

1. Proposed date(s), time, location and length of shoot or workshop.
2. A brief description of the proposed shoot concept or workshop theme.
3. Proposed compensation: Pay, tear sheet, publication, TFP/TFCD, etc. (Please be sure to read the TRADE VS. PAID WORK section of my profile, found below.)
4. Intended image use (web, magazine, book, prints, commercial client, etc.) and, if a TFP/TFCD shoot, what my usage rights are for the images.
5. Travel compensation, when applicable.
6. Provisions for MUA, stylist, wardrobe, accessories, etc., if applicable.
7. Your contact info: phone number, e-mail address and website URL, etc.
8. References. (Unless you are clearly established and/or have shot with someone I know.)

I am very selective in regard to TFP work. Essentially, your portfolio must contain an established body of work (not just a few images!) in which the quality is equal to or better than that of the best work by other photographers currently displayed in my portfolio and which displays both substantial artistic merit and a truly unique vision. If I feel your work will add range to my port then yes, I will trade. If I feel it doesn't please check my rates.

I am not interested in dating. Please all friend requests are to be for professional purposes only.

I have no tattoos. I don't smoke. I am a CrossFit Athlete (I compete in this sport) and avid gymrat, therefore, I posses a muscular, athletic build. Just to to let you know. I will not starve to become a tiny, waif model for anyone. If this is a deal breaker, I apologize in advance and thank you for stopping by my port.

March 17-21 California
April 25-27 California
May 2-5 San Antonio, Texas
June 17-21 Treasure Island, Florida
July 4-7 Atlanta, Ga
July 19th Jacksonville, Florida
July 31st- August 3rd Orlando, Florida
August 22nd-24th South Florida
Sept 25-29 San Francisco, CA
Oct 20-25 Philadelphia, PA




05 Jun 16 16:24
Great work
01 Feb 14 10:41
Wonderful port! Best of luck :)
25 Dec 13 11:12
Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year!!
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