О себе

I have been utilizing my photography skills for many years attracting assignments by recommendations from people who have worked with me.
I am hoping to start moving this from a secondary income to a primary income.
To do so, I hope to utilize this site to attract people to my work and to collaborate with other photographers and potential clients.
I enjoy model, sports, scenic and event photography and I particularly enjoy working with newer models who are trying to get started with their portfolios.
I will always consider TFCD if my schedule allows because, let's face it, this is fun for both of us.
I am not a wham, bam, 2 hours and we're done photographer. When I work with you I will take as much time as we need to assure that you leave with the images that you are satisfied with.
I strive to make our shoots fun and stress free.
Escorts are always welcome when shooting with me providing they are not clock watchers.

I require a Model Release for TFCD and will provide you a Photographer Release in return.



07 Jun 15 18:37
Love your work!
07 Jun 15 18:34
Nice port! Keep up the good work.
05 May 15 23:00
Wonderful pictures! Great work.
19 Sep 13 21:16
Photo Retoucher available! Please check out brunettegrenaderetouching.com
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