О себе

I have been into PHOTOGRAPHY for a very long time now. I can actually say that I have been consumed by ART my whole life. In that time, I have developed a strong artistic concept. This concept has driven me to challenge myself to the highest of levels creatively. I guess you can call me somewhat of a CREATIVE ADRENALINE JUNKY.....there is NO better feeling than creating a perfect mix of your favorite songs....or baking the perfect Pineapple upside down cake....or capturing special memories through photography. I rank this feeling above all the accolades I have received in my life.

I have been asked many times to define my style of PHOTOGRAPHY. Well....to be truthful....I really don't have an unique style of shooting, nor do I have a preference or specific type of photographic scheme. I just shoot simultaneously with my eyes and my heart....if that makes any sense! I rarely see the actual objects or models that I am shooting...but rather the POSSIBILITIES of what could be seen or interpreted.

With that said......I LOVE TO SHOOT PEOPLE!!! These are some STRONG WORDS but its sooooo true. I shoot by APPOINTMENT ONLY!!! Monday-Friday Anytime....Please expect a moderate price change for the Weekends, as they are normally the peak booking time.

MOZ ARTISTIC VISIONZ is a proud supporter of all young aspiring models and actors. MAV is currently offering photo sessions and consultations under our TFCD/TFP Support Program to these fine gifted young Go-Getters!! For more information about these services, please email us your basic info (Name, Age, Ht, Short Bio and please include your future plans, experience and photographic needs. We also offer very affordable packages including a professional styled "COMP CARD". Please call us today to schedule your great photographic experience.


DC Fashion Week 2010 & 2011
House of KAS 1 & 2 year Anniversary Fashion Shows

Major Designer Fashion Shows (including Roca Wear, South Pole, House of KAS, Grindstone Universal, Cookie Wear and others)

Various Models

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