Amelia Simone
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Вес:120 lbs
Параметры:0-25-36 in
Размер обуви:8.5
Цвет волос:Шатенк(ка)
Длинна волос:Длинные
Цвет глаз:карие
Национальность :Другая
цвет кожи:Загорелая
Опыт работы:большой опыт
Компенсация:взависимости от работы
Вступить:1 Jul 2011
Последние:13 Sep 2017

О себе

"Amelia effortlessly translated my vague ideas
and concepts into polished, refined poses that
accurately reflected my mind's eye. Her talents
made me feel as if I were an old master, the next
Rembrandt or Michelangelo. Working with Amelia,
I felt I could produce art I had only dreamed about.
Regardless of your photographic style or genre,
Amelia can help you execute your vision.
If you're serious about your craft, you owe it to
yourself to hire Amelia to collaborate on your next project
-TDPG MM#2596092

"Simply put, on a scale of zero to completely wonderful,
Amelia is an eleven. I need not carry on about her mind-bending
figure physical features - those are well documented by me and
many others. What puts Amelia at the top of her field is the
experience, attitude and wonderful sense of her place in the
environment that she brings to each session. Her posing is exquisite
in all detail from her toes to her fingertips, she is flexible and intrepid,
she seems to levitate on her toes. She radiates a peaceful, confident
persona that fits so well with the work that we have done together.
I could not recommend her more highly"

-Alan H Bruce/BH fotografik MM#617235

"If I had to name 10 of the best models I've ever worked with,
you would be in the top 3. You're a beautiful woman with a
beautiful character. Working with you has always been a pleasure.
You're professional, not only in the way you communicate and the
way you pose, but also in the way you deal with people in general.
You're one of the rare treasures out there. A person with a tender
heart and a gentle soul, coupled with a controlled strength and a
profound wisdom. In a word, you are awesome."

-EdBPhotography MM#21156

"She raises the bar when compared to many other models,
and you will honestly be impressed with her mental and her
physical attributes. I can guarantee, if given the opportunity,
you will book her again if you can".

-Ray Christian MM#2809633

"It goes beyond beauty, she is easy to work with, oh so flexible,
graceful and seemingly effortlessly able to create elegant lines.
I have no hesitation recommending her,
I certainly can't wait until next time she is in town!"

-SGImages MM #2229715


Model has been a gateway for me into creative expression that I
never knew I would find. I have always been a creative; singer, piano player, yogi.
But modeling has been a venture bringing me to closest to artistic expression.
This field is all things spontaneous, wild, emotional, chaotic, and all the while
structured and meticulous.
It has given me the power to express myself without limitation.
When I give my soul to the project, I know that I have done my best.
I cherish the good times I have had, the relationships I have built, and
I look forward to the new adventures I will experience with like-minded creatives

~I am %100 natural.
~I live in San Diego
~I've been doing yoga for 13 years
~I have one ankle tattoo
~I do mostly artistic modeling
~I love lizards and cats :)

~Travel: I trade shooting for airfare ( generally 3-4hrs TF)
If you would like me to come to your state, please message me
and we can discuss the details and best time to travel to you.

~Accommodations: If you have suitable accommodations for
traveling models, as well as references from models who have
stayed with you, I am also open to trade

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Houston,TX January 13th-18th
San Francisco,CA February 17th-22nd
Wickenburg,AZ April 1st-4th
Las Vegas,Nevada April 5th-7th
San Francisco,CA April 20th-25th
Detroit, MI May 11th-16th
Phoenix,AZ May 21st-25th
Baltimore,MD June 10th-14th
Los Angeles June 24th-27th
Denver,CO July 3rd-6th
San Francisco,CA July 13th-18th
Seattle July 27th-Aug 2nd
Los Angeles August 5th-8th
Houston,TX. August 17th-22nd
Phoenix,AZ August 27th30th
Placentia,CA September 10th
Dallas,TX September 17th-21st
San Francisco,CA October 1st-5th


NIF Magazine, September 2015
FUSE MAGAZINE VOL 19 November 2015
Stump Magazine, "Black Paper" set, September 2015
Southern Vixens Magazine Fine art nude edition, April 2014
FemmeXposure Magazine November, 2013 Issue #18. (Nature Vixens)
FemmeXposure Magazine March, 2014 Issue #22. (Milk Bath)
Bikini model for, hand-made Kauai bikinis
2014 Special Edition Monster Girls Calendar
Clothing model for
MMA Epic Fighting 2012 Calendar/Ring girl
View Camera Magazine's Sept/Oct. 2012 issue
Snap Matter Magazine's 2011 Swimsuit Edition


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06 Jan 17 19:10
Hello Amelia Simone, Happy New Year and may 2017 treat you very well. Excellent Portfolio...keep up the great work! Wildcat
20 Dec 16 14:09
Amelia, Outstanding photographs, and you are a joy to view...
20 Aug 11 08:45
A very beautiful one, of course.
18 Aug 11 16:58
Welcome. By the way Has anyone said to you that you look oriental?
17 Aug 11 23:54
great to see you photos here as well!
17 Aug 11 07:49
An amazing gallery of a real beatitul model! Pietro
21 Jul 11 21:21
Amazing port, lov it
16 Jul 11 20:44
You have a beautiful portfolio.
02 Jul 11 08:46
Wow Amelia Stunning work from a stunning model. I love what you have on your port so far and can't wait to see what you will do next. Best wishes to you from the UK Jeff.....
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