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Award-winning military/sports/nature/fine arts photographer who also enjoys creating with individuals with an interest in collaborating in the beauty of Mother Nature as the studio, whether abstract or fashion portraiture, or fine art nude. I will react and be in focus with your creative needs. It's all about the collaboration. If you are an energetic model looking to build on what you have in your portfolio, or just starting out, I would like to hear from you with your ideas and maybe we can create some amazing photo art. Courage is an asset you should have if you don't mind climbing, getting wet or muddy, or playing out in snow. It's about the adventure in focus. Away from troops disembarking from a LAV or artillery rattling the ear drums on the battlefield, photography to me is all about the impact of the image. My personal challenge behind the Nikon is to capture the essence and beauty of the person. I'm also open to any creative ideas that you may have in mind as it's not about the photographer, but it's about you and what we collaborate on as part of the creative process.



07 Apr 14 23:25
Terrific port!
16 Jun 11 12:30
Thanks for your help.
03 May 11 20:25
Thanks for the add, & yes i have only started an really want to keep going see how far i get :)
24 Mar 11 08:08
Thank you for the comments! I see we both have the same appreciation of nature.. Nice work also..
22 Feb 11 14:40
Thank you for the FR and the comments! great port
06 Oct 09 17:06
Merci! C'etait une photo dificile a prendre, verre cassé et pas beaucoup d'endroit à tenir !
14 Sep 09 20:19
Thank you for the pic comment..Love your work!! :)
14 Jul 09 22:02
Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and listing. I love your work!
13 Jul 09 23:27
Thanks! I'm looking forward to the next shoot with you and Renee! : )
27 May 09 19:58
Thanks for the nice words! Great port!
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