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I take photography, your time and my time very seriously. I won't waste yours, so please don't waste mine. My ego comes from someplace else, so I'm pretty easy to work with.

I enjoy creating arts. I'm not looking to "take your picture" for your Myspace. I'm trying to capture photos that are worthy for art galleries/contests consideration.

I prefer slender art models with little tattoos (though I'm not set in stone on any of it). Someone with dance background and flexible would be ideal.

Since most of my works involve nudity you the model have to be over 18 years old. Because I want your time and I'll do my best to give you edited images within a week. Sorry, but RAW stays with me and I will need a release signed before we shoot.

Thank you for visiting my profile and viewing my works. Your comments are most appreciated. Have a nice day.



22 Nov 09 23:37
awesome ;)
29 Oct 09 02:52
Love your work as always. Thanks for the add and photo comment. I really appreciate it! xo Marianne- WRS
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