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I am a new to photography. I am a self student teaching myself as I go. I am looking to get into Senior photography, modeling photos, weddings, nature, old churches and landscapes.I am open to anything WITHIN reason.

I will do pictures of modeling,High school seniors,weddings, portraits of any age, family portraits, in my area free of charge {pictures will be put on computer software for you to print}. I am doing this for the learning experience and for my own person portfolio. I do plan to further my education in the near future. My goal is to open my own studio full time.




22 Nov 11 02:21
Hello and amazing port. I offer quality digital services with creative concepts. If interested there are some before and after examples on my profile. Regards, Joe Diamond
14 Mar 11 07:48
Hello and thanks for the FR. I have left you a couple of pic comments and hope you find them useful. Good luck and best wishes. Jeff......
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