О себе

for those who DON'T know me:

I used to be heavily into 35mm photography, but drifted away from the 'hobby'. I entered the digital photography world reluctantly a while back, mostly with interest in landscapes and Nature photography. I was recently inspired by a model friend and fell into the world of model photography. I have also discovered a passion for digital imaging and editing. I am interested in model, sports and wedding photography. I am also working on senior portraits at very affordable rates.

My shoots are fun and relaxed; I'm not about high pressure or stress. I feel that every photo should be a collaboration between the model and the photographer, not dictated by the photographer.

Currently accepting paid and TF assignments. Looking to expand my portfolio and help others do the same.

Also check out my facebook link above for more of my work



p.s. If you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact any of the people I have worked with for references....


Amanda X3 for starting me down this path and for being my friend...

Models I have been lucky enough to work with:

Amanda Hardin not on MM - Facebook
Alli McMann mm#1618788
Alix Harig not on MM - Facebook
Alyssa Bracha McMillan mm#1585236
Ambersun mm#1694495
Ashtynn Weber not on MM - Facebook
Carolyn Trela mm#127597
Chalena Dean mm#1165398
Chelsea Muglia not on MM - Facebook
Christina Love mm#1315957
Erin Marie mm#1792572
I am Mimi mm#1530850
Jade Vamp mm#295629
Jana Ford not on MM - Facebook
Jennifer Watkins not on MM - Facebook
Jennifer Heavlin not on MM - Facebook
Joanna Iacobelli not on MM - Facebook
Jordan Crump mm#1435756
Kandi Bullet mm#722392
Kristen Pomorski MM#690554
Kristi Ford not on MM - Facebook
Lisa Marie not on MM - Facebook
Mahogany Mignon mm#1755807
Mercedes Miller mm#1332083
Nikki Han mm#1791354
Sabrina Trnina Acovski not on MM - Facebook
Sara Hurley not on MM - Facebook
Sisan Iy not on MM - Facebook
Stephanie Saba not on MM - Facebook
Tawnie Passalacqua not on MM - Facebook
Tim Schiller not on MM - Facebook
Wedad Saba not on MM - Facebook


Glam and Co. Makeup mm#1554129
Amortentia by Alice # 1682805
Trishla mm#1781032 (some of my work is on her site) http://makeupbytrishla.com
Beauty by Kitty mm#1787338
Nicole Mitchell - not on MM Facebook
Sheila Jackson mm#1274616
Malakilla mm#142233


Sara Hurley not on MM - Facebook
Olivia Bonner mm#1272605
Leah Pedlar mm#270459
Darker-Side-Of-Midnight mm#22557