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My main interests are Fashion, and Portraiture Photography. I can help you build or update your portfolio. I am eager to meet and work with other photographers, and models.

My rates are competitive and please feel free to contact me for more information.

I also do selective "Time for CD" as compensation. If you have any creative concept and ideas, drop me an email and let's see where we can go from there.

All I ask for in return is your full commitment, responsibility and punctuality.

*** If you are not reliable and or you find that you cancel a lot of your
appointments, Please do not respond as someone who is interested ***

***Serious Models Only Please***

*** If I contact you for TFCD, Its just that. I dont charge you my rates, dont ask me to pay yours ***

*** Besides I charge a lot more ***


12 Jun 11 03:33
Very nice photos! Anytime if you need a PhotoEditing/Retoucher,please touch me! And you can send me one to have a try.This one is free. Email: garden_siyu@126.com My site: http://gardenofsiyu.xp3.biz/en%201.htm
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