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A dynamic fashion, advertising, & creative photographer base in Muntinlupa City, Philippines. His photography portfolio covers editorial fashion, commercial, celebrity, and even travel photos. Nevertheless, his primary focus is beauty and fashion.

Having photographed hundreds of models over the past decade, brings to mind when I started photographing model’s portfolios and composites. The communication between the experienced model and photographer is a sight to see. The professional model will move or flow at your slightest suggestion. You will find the model moves like liquid mercury when the photographer starts shooting.

A Z-card is a simple piece of card that shows you off to your best potential. It usually has your name, your measurements and a variety of your photos that display your versatility as a model. This is what you would leave behind with the directors, casting agents and clients when you go to a casting. Most of the time it have your head shot and four different looks that are totally distinct from the others. First, you need an outfit that shows the figure, such as bathing suits or lingerie; second that is sporty or casual; third that is dressy; either what you should wear to church on Sunday morning; and fourth that is high fashion.

Do get in touch. I am eager to hear from you and perhaps we could have an opportunity to collaborate some thing together. And yes, I do Xdeals/TFCD from time to time. Let's help one another and have fun.

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02 Jul 15 11:40
Thank you for your comment and tag Roy, looking forward to working with you. Cheers!
21 Nov 14 07:35
Hey Roy, thanks for the feedback
11 Nov 14 15:23
Thank you for the compliment and likewise on your work, as well.
11 Nov 14 05:45
Thanks for kind words if you ever come to states would love to work with ya
20 Feb 14 03:15
To work with Sir Roy is such a great experience. Honestly, he is very professional and caring to his model(s). I wanna thank you for being a "father" like photographer to me. May God Bless you and more shoots to come. :)
19 Feb 14 08:54
Great Portfolio...Hope to learn from you..:)
08 Feb 14 13:48
Thanks for the comments, Gorgeous port:)
30 Jan 14 22:58
Amazing port! Best of luck :)
26 Nov 13 07:26
thankyou :) looking forward to work with you soon :)
21 Aug 13 11:40
Thank you Sir Roy, your great! So wonderful photographer and very nice too :-)
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