Super star Katy Perry letter to Kristen Stewart to refute Robert Pattinson Rumors!

Katy Perry has confess that the rumors that her and Twilight performer Robert Pattinson were clip up get so out of hand over that she think forced to message his x-girlfriend Kristen Stewart to reject the shameful claim.

This famous singer was extensively statement to be further than just friend of Rob subsequent to the couple was marked lynching out on plentiful time subsequent his crack as of Kristen Stewart in April. In no way one to permit a small piece of the stage hearsay acquire in the manner of a friendship, scorching Katy perry obtain directly on the cell phone to her lock gal pal to put the documentation directly.

Katty perry said that, she send her a letter, she saying on letter ‘I recognize that you’ve seen every of this matter however you know I would ne'er disregard you. I’m not that person,’” Katy said to ELLE UK. “She is now annoying to be a friend to Rob. She has a tip. Plus as Robert Pattinson recognize - in the countenance of heartbreak, everyone desires a bosom for a cushion.

Anyhow, Robert Pattinson’s got many of hot and sexy female celebrity friend this time - the British heartthrob was too marked lynching offstage with Beyonce in LA previous this month. If each woman connected to that gregarious rogue acquired on the blower to his X-girlfriend, her cell-phone would be buzzing inedible the clasp
  • Tue Jul 30 16:58:42 UTC 2013