South Ho

Hong Kong photo shooter South Ho talks regarding his occupation in a interview, as part of a sequence formed by Schoeni painting Gallery in festival of their twentieth year anniversary.

Ho authoritatively started his creative profession in Hong Kong in 2002. He utilize a great design analog camera to show his residence capital in black and white, an effort to replicate on the attribution modern life spaces on its youthful nation.

Photography as introspection
In the Schoeni interview, South Ho talks about his opening meet with photography and why he has continued realistic to the medium.

When attach to an exacting medium, Ho changed the expressive substance of his fine art. In his previous work like ‘Into Light’.

Capturing social issues
With his “Those Shores” (2012) sequence Ho moved his concentration to community apprehension. In these works, the artist takes Hong Kong’s real estate industry as a subject.

In Hong Kong, real estate is a comfortable. Hong Kong public makes immense attempts to get it. The construction themselves are similar to billboards and the beam boxes make great billboards.

The huge level black and white photographs are print on crystal clear foil and increase against beam boxes. Speaking on his color selection, he said that, to set it basically, black and white photographs are free from the effects brought about by colors.

To the audience and in addition to him, the focus is on the picture and the objective we observe. Black and white is an extremely theoretical idea as we rarely have the probability to observe the earth in black and white at single fleeting look.

A lot of his works discover our internal worlds and he want to make an picture which is separate from realism.
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