Sienna Miller's Kiss to Burberry

SIENNA MILLER is a super actor’s fashion designer and model. Recently Sinna Miller with Tom Sturbridge gets the innovative faces of Burberry. The occupied pair celebrity in the brand's autumn 2013-14 crusade and split a kiss for the cameras - mark the first moment in time with the purpose of they contain explosion jointly as a couple.

It give the impression that head artistic officer Christopher Bailey is sensation rather passionate this time of year - not slightest seen during the brand's current Burberry kisses venture - through the latest promotion describe as "a extension of the humorous and passionate feel".

The imagery were photographed by Mario Testino, at the same time as the video movement is accompany by a particularly produced edition of Tom Odell's Hold Me - which was recorded survive at the Burberry Prorsum explain through London Fashion Week in February.

"This was a shoot full of love and laughter," said Bailey. "It was such a treat to work with Sienna and Tom, and to capture their magic together."

The information is not fairly the large expose that the British product had conceivably hoped intended for: rumors with the aim of the couple had attempt the latest movement initial emerged sponsor in April - whisper that be simply strengthen while Sienna attend the Met Ball trying Burberry and accompanied by Bailey. The artist has as well shabby the brand nearly completely for the earlier period only some months.

“That was a discharge filled of love,” Burberry‘s head inventive Officer assumed of the picture, shot via Mario Testino. “It was like a luxury to job with Sienna and Tom, and to imprison their enchantment jointly.”
  • Mon Jul 01 08:53:47 UTC 2013