Salary for Models in Different Countries

Working in modeling industry is an exciting fun, glamour and high paid jobs. Modeling is the great jobs for many youngsters with different types of models. Salary for each model is depending on type of works and models skills. For this reason, there are different salaries jobs for models in different location. Commonly, models are working to display their designers’ collections such as; cosmetics, dresses, clothes accessories, etc.

Model photographic is more paid than ramp modeling, but ramp modeling has long term career. The salaries of jobs are depending on expertise of models and face shape value. For ramp models, they might get $10-20/hour. For nude models, they can get $12-15/hour and for photographic models they can get income for $150-250/day. In fashion modeling, professional fashion models can get high income up to $30,000-60,000/year or compare with $250-400/hour. For Tv commercial model they can get income $2,000-3,000/ 8 hours.

If you are working in Europe, model can get salary for about 45,000.00 EUR or $62.000. In United Kingdom, model can get 30,000 GBP or $49,000. In New Zealand, model can get salary for about 68,000 NZD or $51,000. This salary is awesome income for people who work in modeling business. So, if you want to start career in modeling industry, it is advisable to get a lot of options for models work and get the best suit photographers and agency.
  • Thu Feb 13 06:35:22 UTC 2014