Runway Modeling Tips

Runway modeling is an awesome way to start modeling career. In runway modeling business, you will not know about your audience. They might be top designer, professional photographers or talent scout. In order to build success in runway modeling, here are some tips to consider.

1. You need to set up your posture. In runway model, you should stand up straight with shoulder at back. You do not need to slouch or hunch. Good posture in runway modeling will make you feel secure and more confident.
2. You should focus in position. The runway model usually stands up focus and do not graze or gawk in any direction. It is very important to keep focus your eyes on the straight ahead direction. It is not recommended to look down or scan to your audience. You should focus in your gaze on straight off in the distance.
3. You should keep your chin down. In runway modeling show, the model usually keeps their chin down on runway stage. It is important to know and understand that all audiences are sitting down and looking up to the model.
4. You need to open your hands. It is important to open your hands and fingers to all audiences.
5. You should set up your arm swing. It is advisable to let your arm swing look naturally.
6. You need to set up your walk position. In runway modeling, the models should set up walk naturally and look confident. Good walk on stage will make your hip sway and arm swing as well.

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  • Fri Aug 23 16:59:51 UTC 2013