Priyanka Chopra - Model to Star

Priyanka Chopra is an actress from Bollywood. She always stands as a tough competitor and look up very sexy and stylish actress. She was lime light from modeling career and participated in miss world contest. She is an excellent international actress performance and brought back the crown of Miss World to India. She was involved in modeling industry since 2000 and go forward to the movie industry in 2002. She won Film fare best debutant award and nominate for the best supporting actress.

In 2004, she was acclaimed film director of Madhur Bhandarkar fashion. Her film was showed mature actor in Priyanka and Meghna Mathur. She was awarded the film fare best actress award and national award for best actress in 2008. During 2008, she was upcoming movies in Bollywood industry. By establishing her as top actress, he was upcoming movies in Bollywood. Her film was inspirited from the short story of Ruskin Bond and it narrates about the life Anglo Indian woman who goes on to kill her 7 husbands. Certainly, her movie is one of the best movies in her acting.

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