Guide to Posing Female Model

Posing the female model is an essential part in success of modeling career. Posing is responsible for female model and her photographer. It is very important to create nice standing on the catwalk during modeling show. The contour of leg in any standing position is depending on degree of knee tension. The contour of the leg is influence to female model impression and interpretation during modeling show. For female models, they should learn tricks to exercise control their knee and legs.

The right knee position in modeling show will effect to female model performance and make them attractive model. The knee position usually uses to build a comic impression and character. The knee position occurs un-intentionally when female model stand too much weight to one leg. The female model sometimes forgets to move their knee before camera click from photographers. When all knee positions are forced back with pressure, they usually appear bow as like a barrel stave. The knee is very important to show attractive performance on the catwalk stage. The relax knee are flex knee. The knee position will appear normal perfectly in picture and flexible in straight stand. The bent knee usually presents as long curve or sharp angle legs. The sharp angle is more important than the contour of the legs.

Feet are another important part in the leg position arrangement. The position of feet will make female model legs look short or long. The foot position can make female model legs appear to look graceful. It is hard to create an awesome event through good ankle joint in any direction in front of camera. Most female models usually use hinge-like action that might create good elevate the heel of toe and ankle roll in and out movement. The first ankle movement is up down action and express inside view of the foot. The heel of the foot moves from a higher position than toe position. The relation between heel and toe create nice position and harmony. With the heel in high position, toe move curl back and form in continuous curve. This position is trained and control easy. It is used by many dancers, acrobat and other skill performer. When posing for female models, they should know and understand the right position that might convey to the camera. For female models who are looking for the best tips and guide to pose in front of the camera, it is recommended to share and consult with professional female models.

The internet is a great source to find and get guideline and tips to build good posing for female models. is the big modeling communities that visited by thousand professional female models come from the whole world, professional photographers and reliable modeling agencies. is the right place to share and consult to any professional models in order to build good and nice pose on catwalk stage.
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