Casting for Photographers in Australia

It is good news for amateur, semi-amateur and professional photographer to intend in casting by fashion one, on Feb 13, 2014. The producer of fashionone in Sidney Australia is looking for local photographer who able to take great pictures for showcase on fashionone channel. Fashionone is the famous international fashion and life style channel in the world. Fashionone is the excellent place for people who are interested in fashion designers, fashion TV show, fashion model and photography industry.

The contest will open for one day. The producer is looking for someone who can take BTS shoot style or shoot for behind the scenes or fly on the wall in BTS style. He is looking for perfect person who can take glamour pictures and creative work in photography world. If you are capable in this contest, you can send your message to his inbox message on

Fashion one is the biggest fashion community in the world. Nowadays, fashion one is looking for glamour and high fashion shoot for international showcase on fashionone channel. Do not hesitate to contact the producer of the contest immediately.
  • Thu Feb 13 08:25:52 UTC 2014