Career for Disabled Models

Modeling is glamour industry and competitive jobs in the world. For some people with disability feel that they will not get opportunity to involve in modeling business. But, it was announced early in BBC research that they start search to find young women with disability who believe take to work and involve in modeling industry. BBC was searching for young women with ages 18 and 30 for breaking news TV “ Britain Missing Top Model “ show. The BBC TV show will focus to 8 women with disability to complete the course of 3 weeks in order to prove them as modeling panelist in modeling industry. They have great look, talent and persistence as fashion model. They will complete series of task from modeling industry expert for pose and photo shot in different location and modeling cat walk.

For this competition, BBC has offer awesome prize for the ladies who is completing course for photo shot with professional fashion photographers. Whoever who win in this competition will be feature in glossy magazine. With intensive training, experiences and publicities, they hope the winner is someone who have good platform to launch their fashion career. After some exclusive race and size, it will be interested to watch and see how the fashion modeling industry can react for model with disability.
  • Tue Feb 25 18:50:39 UTC 2014