Beyonce akin to never earlier than as singer strips off and find lathered up in body paint for new photograph!

Beyonce has discarded the clothing in favor of body paint and dazzle in an outstanding new photo shoot soaked to the skin in bronze glitter.

Beyoncé is scarcely familiar in daring cover up shoot. The celebrity singer becomes visible on top of the cover of the latest Flaunt magazine and she astounds a look hardly yet seen earlier than.

Did a little dozen twice take while people saw Beyonce's latest bared-all cover used for Flaunt magazine? An amount of picture from the photo shoot notice Beyonce exposed off and wearing body painting, through the cover photos featuring the song superstar twisting her armrest backwards.

Other pictures released via Flaunt observe the vocalist topless with plentiful beaded trinkets and as well having her hair paint with orange color.

Shot reverse in 2011 via photographer Tony Duran, Bey looks all creep the great female image as she's painted bronze and slash with violent lavender and orange band. It’s profound to talk the slightest as the appreciated vocalist create all kind of eye contact with the camera. In the additional meeting, Beyonce exposed that she is glad to be measured a gay icon beside the akin to Madonna and Cher.

She talking regarding her position as a gay idol, Beyonce spoke regarding being careful in the similar method as Cher, Barbra Streisand and Madonna. And she thinks they love that they are brave, fearless to love, and exhibit our sexuality and potency.
  • Sat Jul 13 16:36:39 UTC 2013