3 Basic Requirements for Model

Modeling is glamour, competitive and profitable industry. Modeling always comes in any size and shapes. In modeling, there are some basic requirements to know and consider if you want to become great model. First, you should know and consider about size and figure as well. Many people are thinking about model for high fashion and runway modeling. Both of these modeling categories (fashion and runway modeling) are expected to be thin and tall. High fashion and runway modeling require model with 5’8” tall, small body with hips less than 36 inches. Especially for male model, they should have 6’2” tall requirement. High fashion modeling is requiring good and attractive certain look, exotic view with full lips, high cheek bones, large eyes, healthy hair and nice teeth. For commercial modeling, there are good opportunities for people who are interesting in modeling with various sizes to be a model. Body part modeling is not only talking about size but also body proportional as well.
Second, you should to know your ability to sell your talent in modeling. Good model is a model with great talent, skill and ability to sell product clients without say/talk anything. Most fashion clients want to hire model with great ability to sell their product. Model have to able to create some clothes, car or anything they are selling look good and stand out as well. Selling client product is not easy. Model should have great skill, talent and technique to make sales payment from audience for their clients. In order to be good model, you should to know how to move and hold the body as well, how to work facial features and how to project your feeling with your best expression.
Third, you should to know your own limitation. It is very important to be honest with yourself if you are interested in modeling industry. You should feel real with expectation. Become a model, you should to know your height well, facial features and type of modeling. The reasonable expectation will help model to find out the work and handle any modeling jobs. It is good idea to do little research before submit and jump into modeling agency. It is important to understanding the modeling expectation for certain modeling that help you get modeling career. If you get more information or knowledge about modeling, it is good opportunity to get better chance for successful model.
  • Tue Nov 26 04:43:05 UTC 2013