About Me

I am a New York based Art Director, Stylist and Designer.
I create unusual one-of-a-kind designs from recycled materials & found objects.
I then arrange photo shoots with a definite theme & concept often assembling entire teams of creative artists.
The pictures have to tell a story.
Many times I will manipulate the images in computer graphic programs using filters, special effects & animation thus enhancing them further.
I spend countless hours & my creations are true works of art.
I also have the fortunate ability to be able to connect with many other talented professionals.
I excite them with great enthusiasm in executing your project.
The results are not only stimulating but rewarding, as well.
I have a true passion for my art & all you have to do is look at my work to see that.
I will do whatever it takes to make sure I accomplish your visions.
Thank you for your interest.
I look forward to bringing your ideas to reality and generating dreams into dollars.

* Create concepts & develop themes
* Source Photography talent
* Source Model talent
* Source Hair & Makeup Artists
* Research & Secure Locations
* Design Wardrobe & Accessories
* Obtain appropriate Props to support concepts & themes
* Complete photo shoot styling
* Photo editing to perfection
* Digital Framing, Special Effects, Filters & Animations
* Artistic delivery & customized Packaging in four different formats
* Help in developing portfolios as well as assist in Promotion & Public Relations
To view more of my work please contact me

If anyone is looking for creative concepts, & accessories/props for your photo shoots I'm the one to contact.
I have HUNDREDS of one-of-a-kind hand made pieces for you to choose from. And I never run out of ideas.
I can also arrange for some unique locations & resources to make your portfolios stand out from the rest.
Need an antique car? No problem.
How about a 100 year old carousel with hand painted horses?
The cost for commercial shoots depends on the project however I am happy & willing to give a fee for recommending me if you are involved in something special.
For Artists, I charge a WHOLE lot less as a courtesy to other members.
Please take a moment to check me out.
And thank you for your time!
"It's all about creativity, collaboration & being paid for our passions."