Alkemie Jane
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Weight:130 lbs
Measurements:0-0-0 in
Shoe Size:8.5
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Short
Eye Color:Green
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:27 Aug 2009
Last:16 Dec 2010

About Me


Alright kids, it's official- I am no longer shooting just for the sake of being in front of a camera. I've spent 3 years building experience and a portfolio, and I'm done playing around.

Unless you are a personal friend, I'm narrowing the field. Let's talk if...

-you're on my photographer wish-list
-you have awesomesauce work i absolutely cannot live without
-you have concepts that make my heart go "squee!"
-you're a really awesome model as well, and I get to take your picture too
-you are offering tearsheets- magazines, books, gallery-shows, etc.
-we would be collaborating with super-sick designers/stylists
-you will trade for items on my wish-list of doom (I'll send it to ya upon request)
-you have a place for me to crash when I'm traveling, will pay for said-travel, or aid me in the food-n-smokes department when I'm in your neck of the woods
-you want to pay me (please feel free to ask for my rates- they are a bit flexible)

This isn't meant to make anyone cry, but that's it. The end. Mind you, it doesn't hurt to ask- just don't be all butt-hurt if I decline.

Now that the BS is out of the way, let's get down to it.


"I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life... to put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." -Henry David Thoreau

This is my attitude toward art and life. I want to create and explore, with no reservations.
Bring me something new to try- crazy, creative, erotic, emotional, personal, pretty, anything!
I will be there on time, ready to work hard and make some art we're both happy with.

I love being naked, revealing something of my personality, and being tied up. I like playing characters, but I prefer playing myself. If you have a specific concept in mind, lay it on me and we'll see where it leads.

In addition to being The Nekkid Wonder and creating art, I am massively interested in adding more tearsheets to my portfolio, collaborating with stylists (of all persuasions) and clothing designers, and rockin' something NEW. (Note- for the love of god, if you offer something I don't already have, PLEEEASE contact me.) If any of this sounds up your alley, drop me a line and let's work something out!

I am sorry to say, I only accept limited TF* offers. (This is what I do to make a living, so please be considerate of that.) On the other hand, I'll do a lot for work that really blows my mind!

I love all things dark, horror, and bloody, fetish fashion (especially vinyl!!!), crazy out-there naughty fetish goodness, burlesque, fashion-nudes, alternative fashion, and true gothic, but please have a look at my lists to see what catches my attention!

I love to travel. Sadly, I am not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. If you'd like me to travel to you, more than likely I'd be happy to, but you will need to cover at least most of my travel expenses. Please message me if you're interested!

December 1-2- North Olmsted OH (booked)
December 5- Lakewood OH (booked)
December 6-9- North Olmsted OH (booked)
December 10- Lakewood OH (booked)
December 14-17- North Olmsted OH (booked)
December 19- Lakewood OH (booked)
December 20-23- North Olmsted OH (booked)
December 21- Cleveland OH (Winter Solstice)
December 24-25- Columbus OH (my 22nd b-day!)
December 31- Cleveland OH (NYE!)

January 7- Toledo OH (Dark Visions 2 show- come see me and my photography at the CAC!)
January 8- Toledo OH (CAC group shoot, still booking)
January 15- Cleveland OH (Organ Grinders, anyone?)
January 22- Dayton OH (Church group shoot)

I have one tattoo- a small black ankh on my left hip, my left earlobe is pierced twice, my right earlobe is pierced three times, and I have a considerable number of small scars on my hands, arms, and legs. These are a part of me, for better or worse, and I ask that you DO NOT photoshop them out without at least talking to me about it first. I also have a pretty epic scar on my ass at the moment (fading fast, but it's there for the time being). Please feel free to edit that one out. I change my hair frequently, and will be posting an updated picture shortly.

Pleeeease contact me. Seriously. I am dying to do some work in, y'know, clothes, just for a change of pace. This would make me a very happy panda!

i respond to MM messages rather quickly most of the time, but if you're dying to find me elsewhere...

you can follow me on twitter!


Thanks for reading this far!
xox AJ


Finocchi Photography's senior portrait advertisements 2007
NBC 4 news on 4-11-08, for Ha!r Grandview
July 2008, Modern Salon Magazine, for Ha!r Grandview (page 74)
August 2008, Hair Gallery Magazine, for Ha!r Grandview
Leather Realm fashion show, Exotica 4
Visions Of Excess' 'Submission & Noise' Gallery Show
Detroit Dirty Show 10 (pieces by several artists) (online catalogue)
Erotic Review Magazine, Issue 100 (Gary Mitchell)
THE BLACK TAPE SESSIONS by Boyd Hambleton (Visions Of Excess)
FOODIEPO by Eric Paul Owens (EPO)
The Provocative Arts Show (Cleveland, August '09, work by Conceptually Black)
September 2009, Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide, for Ha!r Grandview
Detroit Dirty Show 10.5 (piece by Darker-Side Of-Midnight)
October 2009, Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide, for Ha!r Grandview
November 2009, Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide, for Ha!r Grandview (set 1- "All Tied Up" by Conceptually Black)
THE BLACK TAPE SESSIONS COLLECTION by Boyd Hambleton (Visions Of Excess)
photo featured on Kink Magazine's blog (March 18th, 2010)
Bizarre Magazine UltraVixen (see me at yourbizarre!)
GLAMIT by Eric Paul Owens (EPO)
Summer 2010, Celebrity Hairstyle Magazine's Short Hair Style Guide (page 58)
10/15/10, The Robyn Swoboda Show on Fox 8, for Loft (Ann Taylor)

photographers i've shot with... (in alphabetical order)

Air Karma
Alan Klemm *
Alizarine *
A Owen Layne
Art By Amy C
Art Schotz
Bella Valentina
Chas Ray Krider *
Chris Nero *
Claudia Susana
Conceptually Black *
Convent Studios *
Dan S
Darker-Side Of-Midnight *
David Linke
Desperate Photography
DistilledDreams *
Donablo Studios *
E A K *
Eric Cain *
Eye of Sicari *
FineArts Photography *
Formula For Form
-Freckles- *
F11 Photography *
Gary M *
Grant Sims
IDS Photography
Image Analogy
Image Rooster
Jeebus Haze
JDF Photography
JMX Photography
Jose G Photography *
Karen Jerzyk
Kidtee Hello
Laura Dark *
Lazyi Photography *
Lisolette Gilcrest *
Lithium Picnic
Lost Viking
Michael McGowan
Michael Southwick
MillLake Photography *
Morgan McCarl *
PaperMoon Productions *
Phun Fotography
Pin-Up Apocalypse
RachelLauren Photography
Robbie Gantt
Rock Ness
Ryan Liu
Sean Michael Russell *
Springheel *
Steve Cottrill
Stillborn Photography
Stuart Photography
Timothy Logan
Tim Nolan *
Tom Carson
Tom Kendall
Visions Of Excess *
Wet Ltd.
Will Brenner

Guinevere Barber *
Finocchi Photography
Jessica Robinson
Yong Kim

models i've shot with...

spell *
raelyn mouse
justin pc *
psychonaut angel
lonely grave walker
tia *
lola *
sleep to dream
drusilla parker *
rachey-marie *
jon roberts
italian kitten
engel schrei
xxsunshinexx *
vanilla stick *
kira nova *
illustrious rogue
justin roehm
isabel allende
nikki rawrrawr
natasha fatale *
angela makeever
kat livingston
alicia alexandria *
eden eris *
smitten kitten
erin jade euphoria
panda lee
tabitha vice *
dade mchaul *
goddess angie
mizz amanda marie
red widow

stylists/designers (wardrobe, make-up, hair) i've worked with...

She Saw Red (wardrobe)
MayaMUA (henna/make-up)
Leather Realms (wardrobe)
Glitterbaby (make-up)
Tim Mauer of Mukha (make-up)
Brian Beaver of Ha!r Grandview (hair)
Rowe Boutique (wardrobe)
ClothesForUs (wardrobe)
Atelier Gothique (shineez)
GloBows (you guessed it- bows!)

(please feel free to ask me for references on any of these people!)


19 May 10 23:07
Awesome work! Since OMP bought out Istudio and they might close this site down check out its free and offers 100 photo space!
05 Mar 10 04:32
Hi Alkemie, i seen your photos and i think they are very attractive, elegant, stunning, beautiful, and your a very elegant Lady, Love Gareth.
06 Sep 09 12:36
Great port! Superb work here!
31 Aug 09 21:35
Come to AZ or let me know when your in LA I might be there.
27 Aug 09 12:47
Thanks for the add. Amazing work. God bless, xo Marianne- WRS
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