About Me

............I shoot at some of the most beautiful locations in the world..

............All within 2 hours of my beautiful Studio in Siskiyou

I dont think in terms of concepts and poses. I think more in terms of memories and falling in love...

This was written for the 50 Chevy by

Eleisha Jemuel


Thank you Eleisha.......

Beth was waiting in the woods for Michael to come she had prepared a candle lit dinner for his arrival after not seeing him in months for his navy leave she was excited. She was going to surprise him with something but found a note from Cindy to Michael. Cindy's note said "Meet me in the woods at 5pm". Not knowing Michael's cousin Cindy, Beth decided to snoop on the meeting but she arrived after Michael and Cindy had left and decided to look around in his truck. Inside she discovered a giant bear, her favorite chocolates, and an engagement ring. She smiled and felt dumb. He was going to propose to her and she had ruined the surprise. She felt dumb blushed and wondered how she would explain this to Michael.


I think it's reasonably accurate to say I'm a long haired guy from another Time and another Place.Part Photographer, Part Martial-Artist, Part Teacher. I live out in the wilds of the Siskiyou Mountians in Oregon with my Sparklie Eyed Puppy Rambo and a couple of cats, a creek,a pond and lots of gushing cold clear spring water....Not because I'm some sort of hermit, purely because I like it here. Totally stress free environment and beautiful to look at.

Ill work to give you Photography you will cherish forever..

Check out my work im sure you will agree........

My Photography encompases a wide variety of area, i have tried to organize it for your ease..



13 Jun 10 03:47
Hi HJ, How are you doing. Miss ya!!! Hope all is well. Love your work as always. ;) God bless, xo Marianne WRS
04 Jun 10 23:44
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
26 Jan 10 01:05
you should come up to PDX sometime :)
13 Nov 09 21:15
big fan...lovely body of work!!!
16 Jun 09 12:47
Hey Hugh, thanks for the nice tag. Yes I'm one of those fortunate blondes that has some brains..:) LOL Please go vote for me daily in my new contest if you don't mind. I need your support. Thanks sunshine. www.missmyspaceusa.com/piclst.pdh?galid=2472
08 Apr 09 05:51
Hi Hugh, I just log-in here today and I thought I would say hi. :) Love your work as always. Keep it up.... Hugs, Marianne
05 Apr 09 13:28
Thanks for the tag.
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