Summer Kay - Tiger
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:120 lbs
Measurements:34-26-38 in
Shoe Size:8
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Very Long
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Asian
Skin Color:Tanned
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:8 Feb 2009
Last:27 May 2010

About Me

Simple Shot-Kim Moua, you will be missed. May you and your family rest in peace.
This is one of her beautiful photographs she took of me.

I began modeling 2 years ago and I hope that it grows from being a hobby to a good career. And hopefully modelmayhem can help with that.

I am located in the Sacramento area, and I'm willing to travel if the expenses are covered and if it works around school. I am a senior at CSU Sacramento.

I love doing all kinds of shoots from casual, fashion, promotional, glamour, lingerie, swimwear, artistic, and IMPLIED IMPLIED IMPLIED nude. I'm sick and tired of being asked if I do nudes. NO!!!

One type of shoot I'm looking forward to doing in particular is with animals; cats, dogs, snakes, horses, lizards, birds, etc. Also, I like body painting shoots as well.

Hope to expand my portfolio, network of photographers, MUA's, experience, travel, and my mind.

If you are going to send me a friend request, please tag or give me a comment. Don't know what to do with requests, with no messages!


It's War against the Rubber Duckie!!!

**I have a VERY VERY busy schedule with school, colorguard, family, and modeling. I book up to a month in advanced. Here are dates that I'm booked, so please plan ahead when booking with me.**

1/06: 1camera1lense -done
1/07: Savir Photography-done
1/08: STARTing Images- done
1/13: Ethereal Pixels
1/14: J Sharp
1/15: This Magic Moment
1/18: Ken Quin

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” -Buddha

"It's becoming more and more expen$ive...ju$t to be alive..." Kenzphotos

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”- Donald Kendall

"When you're good at something, you don't do it for free." -Heath Ledger (Joker from The Dark Knight)

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”-Winston Churchill

"There's only two types of people in the world, the ones that entertain and the ones that observe..."-Britney Spears

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”- Albert Einstein


Photos: Love (1camera1lense), Beauty of the Body (RStephenT), Daydreamin(1camera1lense), Chains (jebfoto), Beauty (This Magic Moment), Yin (1camera1lense) are Showcased at under Black and White Gallery, Glamour and Fine Art Nude Gallery, Fetish Art Gallery, and Galmour Gallery

Product Photographs and Port at:

Clothing Line Modeling Photos at:

I've enjoyed working with everyone here:
1. Photographer: *************************(25)******* Frederick A Jennings #616236 {Sacramento, San Francisco, Nevada City, Marin}(rootbeer floats, Outback Steakhouse, IHOPx2, Burger King, Old Spaghetti Factory, salmon & shrimp, Bucca de Beppo, ice cream sundae, oven-roasted chicken, Jamba Juice, trout, strawberries n chocolate, kiwi n honey, blueberries n cherries, sushi, fried rice, Boudin!)
2. Photographer: *Inner Vision Images #172651 {Natomas}
3. Photographer: ***RStephenT #2113 {Vacaville} (teatime)
4. Photographer: **********Alluring Photography Too/ Alluring Photography #638765/ #496773 {Devil's Falls in Colfax, Fairfield, Bodega Bay, Sly Park, Glenn Alpine Falls in South Lake Tahoe} (sushi, thaifood, Old Spaghetti Factory X2, Chick A Flick, Mana's Japanese Restaurant)
5. Photographer: **Risqe Factor #133539 {Sacramento, Downtown Sacramento}
6. Photographer: **Jeffreymarklujan #231245 (snacks) {Sacramento}
7. Photographer: ****Rodney San #56553 {Old Sacramento, Vacaville, San Francisco, Elk Grove} (rootbeer floats, Bucca de Beppo, Mana's Japanese Restaurant)
8. Photographer: **New Photograph #328815 {Fairfield, Rio Linda} (KFC and Denny's)
9. Photographer: **AR Photos {Sacramento} #602976
10. Photographer: **Jebfoto #250342 {Freeport} (Cheesecake Factory and L&L Hawaiian BBQ)
11. Photographer: *Kim Moua #673802 {Sacramento}
12. Photographer: *Photo Poetry #628976 {Napa}
13. Photographer: ***My Kollections #23912 {Sacramento}
14. Photographer: *Aldean Adams #505926 {Oakland}
15. Photographer: *SF Glamour #767901 {San Francisco}
16. Photographer: *Forever Stellar #340326 {Antelope}
17. Photographer: ***This Magic Moment #582088 (pizza, KFC, Subway) {Manteca}
18. Photographer: ****John Carman #5961 {San Francisco} (sushi, pizza, thai food, McDonald's)
19. Photographer: **Andrew Slater Presents #497418 {Fremont}
20. Photographer: *****FarZung #30939 {San Francisco} (winner winner chicken dinner, chinese take-out, chicken & asparagus, home-made grilled chicken sammie, fresh steamed crab!)
21. Photographer: *Chosenbydestiny #547975 {San Francisco} (sushi)
22. Photographer: *ricephotographer #16277 {Davis}
23. Photographer: *VP Photography #27614 {Brentwood}
24. Photographer: *C2K Photography #743422 {Old Sacramento} (omlettes)
25. Photographer: *NorCal Images #178376 {Sacramento}
26. Photographer: *Edward Davies Photo #368751 {Dixon}
27. Photographer: *Jonathan Souza #752764 {Isabella Point, Richmond} (sushi)
28. Photographer: ******ei Total Productions #27295 {San Francisco} (chinese food, pizza, sushi)
29. Photographer: *Hank Shiffman #585905 {San Francisco}
30. Photographer: *Colm Gavin #1057218 {San Francisco}
31. Photographer: *Echo Eidetics #588810 {Sacramento} (Starbucks)
32. Photographer: *J Sharp Photography #125222 {Sacramento}
33. Photographer: ***Wicked Chic (not on MM) {Sacramento, Roseville, Citrus Heights} (Starbucks x3)
34. Photographer: *James M. Atencio #1016011 {Fremont}
35. Photographer: *David McMasters (not on MM) {Fremont}
36. Photographer: *Blink of an Eye Photography (not on MM) {Fremont}
37. Photographer: *ASYPhotography (not on MM) {Fremont}
38. Photographer: **Warren Hearl #378976 {Sacramento, Placerville}
39. Photographer: **Keith Selle #245347 {Sacramento}
40. Photographer: *David Perry #12070 {Benicia}
41. Photographer: *Starusaphoto #430037 {Sacramento}
42. Photographer: *Christian Procucciones #902935 {Fremont}
43. Photographer: *Happy Tin Foil Cat #549846 {San Francisco}
44. Photographer: *Rochelle L. Rodriguez #1189596 {Citrus Heights}
45. Photographer: *Cristiano Esswein #1131992 {Citrus Heights}
46. Photographer: *Dennis S #865145 {Pebble Beach, Whaler's Cove} (Barbara's Fishtrap: fish n chips n banana cheesecake)
47. Photographer: *The Latent Image #475458 {Preston Castle}
48. Photographer: *KayPhoto #730200 {Preston Castle}
49. Photographer: *Xue Vue Photographer #90501 {Preston Castle}
50. Photographer: *Charles Nevols #271948 {Sacramento} (raspberries n bananas)
51. Photographer: *Model Me Modeling #1071319 {Sacramento}
52. Photographer: *Ryuuzaki #800182 {Elk Grove}
53. Photographer: **Russ Henmi (not on MM) {San Francisco}
54. Photographer: *Tim Farrell {San Francisco}
55. Photographer: *Savir Photography #719302 {Elk Grove}
56. Photographer: *STARting Images #501688 {Natomas}

1. MUA: **Charissa #740366
2. MUA: *Makeup Fantasies #842128
3. MUA: *Heather Perry #101083 (grilled cheese sandwich)
4. MUA: *Angel from Spanish Fly/Lush Hair Salon (not on MM)
5. MUA: Jasmine Cardenas (not on MM)

1. Hair Stylist: Jocelyn Pindar from Hair Gone Wild (not on MM)
2. Hair Stylist: **jacks hair shop #1028927

1. Body Painter: *Sweet Loretta #472058
2. Body Painter: ** Vigorous Customs #781537
3. Body Painter: *Fantasy Body Painting #786402

1. Model: ****Kira-Beth #757501 (my sister!) (Cookies n Cream)
2. Model: *Manda #152271
3. Model: *Alexandra Henderson #754492
4. Model: *Liger Alex #307099
5. Model: *TiffanyJane #1113196
6. Model: *Jeslen Mishelle #640418
7. Model: *xo Danielle #775245
8. Model: **Damiann Howard #683302
9. Model: *Jessica (not on MM)
10. Model: **Brooke Nichole #1383361
11. Model: *Britini-Chante #1255724
12. Model: *Ryan Lillard #664151
13. Model: *Jasmine Suzette #1003744
14. Model: *Shasta Smith #1075378
15. Model: **s a v #801319
16. Model: *angelann #1423170
17. Model: *Bad Aby (not on MM)
18. Model: **Christine Mendoza #735594
19. Model: *Ashley Stoltz #1078543
20. Model: **Baby JiLL #8782

*=how many times worked together

Fashion Designers:
1. **Jeremiah J. Hill of Agape Luv #867117 {Natomas, Sacramento}
2. ****Hawks Design #677557 {Old Sacramento, San Francisco, Vacaville, Elk Grove}
3. *Cocoa Jeans {Elk Grove}
4. *Jaclyen Chideme # 1479784 {Sacramento}
5. T'la Graves {Sacramento}
6. Janelle Lei Cardenas #1503518 {Sacramento}

Fashion Shows/Import Shows/Appearances:
1. With a Vision Autumn Fashion Showcase 9/6/08 (Sacramento, Ca)
2. Exotic Erotic Ball with Asian Divas 10/25/08 (Treasure Island, San Francisco, Ca)
3. When Hip Hop and Fashion Strike Back Fashion Show 12/13/08 (Sacramento, Ca)
4. Andrew Slater Presents The Event Networking Party 1/4/09 (Fremont, Ca)
5. Sacramento Autorama 2/8/09 (Cal Expo, Ca)
6. Hot Import Nights Show with iClique 3/14/09 (Anaheim, Ca)
7. Style Fusion Fashion Show @ Fugu Lounge 11/13/09 (Natomas, Ca)


15 Apr 14 10:45
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21 Feb 11 15:20
wonderfull beauty nature model...i m fascinated about your work...wish you all times luck.. lg guenter
19 Dec 10 19:45
You are hot darling!
05 Oct 10 19:33
29 Sep 10 23:01
I'm confused. You say you DON'T do nudes yet your profile is full of them yet you're tired of people asking if you do nudes.
06 Jul 10 18:27
Hello Summer...enjoy your Summer! Wildcat
20 May 10 01:23
Awesome work! Since OMP bought out Istudio and they might close this site down check out its free and offers 100 photo space!
28 Mar 10 21:09
Great look!
03 Mar 10 07:38
Hi Summer kay, i love your photos, they are very stunning, Love Gareth.
08 Jan 10 01:15
Welcome to!!! Any questions or concerns, feel free to ask. Great work you have, keep it up. God bless always, Marianne- WRS (iStudio Moderator and POTM Host)
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