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Hi My name is Scott, and I'm a Student in Commercial Photography, Fine Art Studio, and Graphic Design.

Currently I'm limiting the amount of TFCD work to my monthly member of the List, and to select individuals who are open, and willing to also helping me with my portfolio assignments for college.

I do have a very reasonable rate of $50/hour 3 hour min. for private work for models, who are looking to experiment with their portfolio. you will get a copy of the CD, and 5 to 7 edits from the session, but web size images for your MM profile. I'm also able to create Comp cards, business cards, and other marketable material for your business.

{ My beautiful wife, and I for a self portrait }


Current Projects

Fine Art abstract nude
male, female, and couples.

Referral By;
Unbearable Lightness: Model 05/28/08
Scott, I loved working with you. I found you to be creative and easy to work with. Especially, I love the portraits you did of me.
As to the models in your portfolio, as one of them I will point out you have shot some high profile models. The models who work only for a fee do indeed profit from location, location, location, more than anything else. And some of us, who make a living other ways, are more interested in working with great photographers for the art than working with anyone at all for the money.
Thank you for the great work. It has been gratifying to see you re-work some images from our first shoot with your new editing skills. I look forward to shooting with you again.
It was an amazing shoot. I love your creativity and the beauty of the compositions you capture. You're just getting avatars all over the place! Thank you so much for everything, and all my best to Teresa.

Unbearable Lightness

Compliance Statement
All pictures, graphics, videos or other visual media displayed on this website are exempt from the provision of 18 U.S.C. § 2257, § 2257A, and 28 C.F.R. Part 75 because said visual media do not consist of depictions of conduct as specifically listed in 18 U.S.C § 2256 (2)(A) or (2)(B), but are non-sexually explicit states of nudity, or are depictions of simulated sexual conduct photographed before March 19, 2009.


People I have had the honor if learning from.
David Birdsong
David teaches a class once per month to help photographers become more comfortable, and better when working with models. He is an Amazing teacher, and has the patients of a Saint. I learned so much from him in such a short time, and I plan to return for more lessons, as time, and money allow. This class was one of my best investments as a photography student.

Models who I have been honored to work with.
Sapphyre BarBie MM # 1260588 "Beautiful work"...
Fireman-Bill MM # 72121 AMAZING.
Kiki Kramer MM # 1260588 Very fun to work with...
Nlygia Roge MM # 1143667 Incredible young lady
Miss Remi MM # 476094 X 5 and a blast to work with
Nikki RawrRawr MM # 1039428
Ray Hitz MM # 1102076 energetic
Raechl MM # 564146 lovable.
Nicole Strange MM # 833839 such a sweetheart.
Jake Imanse MM # 622890. Intense. was fun to work with.
Joe Michaels MM # 1032844
Elle Corinne MM # 582591 Such an amazing young lady
Asha Lee MM # 707460
Stephanie Cantrell MM# 873949 x2
Just a pleasure to work with, and mom is Ausome.
Unbearable Lightness MM # 533844 { X5 } This young lady is my muse.
Kimberly Joy MM# 662228 Patient, and bursting with energy
SusieQ4U MM# 721362 just bursting with creativity
Carly E Seyferth MM # 545855
Lynx MM# 532822
ReneeH MM# 250241
Lara MM# 710896
CNYLE MM# 454401 X2 a treasure
Renique Rene MM # 692020
Anna Saphiree MM # 168981
Models Hunter & Barb. Rock & Roll... No MM account

My first slide show Featuring Stephanie Cantrell The Fire Fighter
http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?s … mp;u=YX3G3

My Professional Bucket List.

1) To finish school, and to find my nich in photography.

2) To travel the US, and Europe, and the Pacific and work professionally in unique, and exotic locations.

3) To Shoot the Cover of a National Magazine.

4) To Shoot the cover of Playboy, or Playboy Senior.

5) To do Underwater photography, and capture dolphins, and whales at play.

6) to help change the way people look at aspects of our society.

7) To live each day as if it was my last, and to savor every moment I'm here.