About Me

High-end retouching - $5
Frequency Separation
Detailed skin cleaning,
Skin tone adjustment
Basic + Contrast D&B

I’m a retoucher from Kiev. During 6 years of retouching it became for me more than a profession. This is my life style which leaves marks on all. I want to share my views by photos, peoples, characters, life. I love to capture the strengths and weaknesses of the picture and play with them allowing one to win and the second hurt hide behind Photoshop tools. I just know how to do it.
I use high retouching techniques to achieve a subtle perfection without relying on common ‘blurring’ skin retouching methods which destroy pore-detail and clarity; strictly using non-destructive retouching techniques that look perfect at any resolution.

I use PayPal, MoneyGram, WesternUnion to recive payment. My email: totalphotoretouching@gmail.com
Feel free to contact me at any time.