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For me photography is about art, my art and my passion that I put in to take the shot and the vision to be able to create the image in post processing. It’s about creating an image with the skills I have and working with the light and subjects around me. I'm an award winning photographer coming from a Landscape/Seascape and Sports/Action type photography background and now thriving on working with models and doing portraiture type photography. I am truly passionate about my photography and I’m always looking to direct and coach the models to bring out their personality in every photo shoot I do. I want to help models build solid portfolios with professional images so they can further their career opportunities and possibly shots for publications. If you like the quality and style of my work, then please contact me and see if we can organise a time for a shoot.

I use professional cameras and lenses and also have professional portable lighting which can be taken anywhere. I am reliable and professional about my work and look forward to working with like minded people. I can also be called upon at short notice for a photo shoot.


Patricia Paton # 3018327 MM
Emily Farmer # 3060975 MM
Marisol Calvert # 2522564 MM


21 Nov 15 13:45
Great work, I would like to work with you if I am ever in your area.
22 Oct 15 01:20
Great work
01 Aug 15 23:00
Lovely work!
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