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I have some experience and I'm looking for paid work, I will do some nudity (prefer topless) if comfortable. I will work with other female models if it is desired, and only with approved male models/concepts. NO PORN!
Fetish type shoots so long as they are tasteful, kinda iffy about the whole bondage thing and being tied up by someone I dont know ;) but I dont rule it out.
I will bring my own attire unless you have specifics youd like me to wear and its no biggie, also I can do my own hair and make up but please let me know in advance what look you are looking for. I prefer my hair straight so that's how I'll do it and my make up dark (lots of black) if given choice.
I have not been in Vegas for long so just getting to know my way around and make connections.
Also I bring escorts to all first time shoots and may bring one at my discretion to repeat shoots. My escort will typically be male. (my boyfriend who is a fetish model, and is willing to participate but NEVER for free. He is experienced and does mostly video but is open to photo shoots as well) If you're not comfortable with an escort attending I wont work with you.
I am open to any idea/concept you may have, shoot em at me :)
I will do trade, but not just tfp, we can always work something out :) I expect copies to the images you capture.
Regular shoot: TBD
Implied nude: $75 an hour but flexible
Nude: TBD (depends on location, how nude, concept, etc.)
All other shoots: TBD
Anything else? PM me


Hair: I dye my hair so it is ever changing. 
Naturally I am a brunette (very dark) who got grays early as a teen.
At the moment it is dark brown/black.

Skin: light skinned Irish girl here! I tan but being I don't see much sun these days Ive tried to keep it light so its even.

Eyes: They do change color I guess you can call them hazel, but they are more green than anything.

Bust: All natural DD cups and nipples are very pale pink

ETC: I try to keep my nails done (full set acrylic or gel) and toes usually painted

Tattoos: 6 (and will be getting more)
1. Paint pony on front of upper left thigh
2. Ambigram which reads TRUTH/TRUST on side of upper right thigh
3. Heart (similar to kingdom of hearts symbol) on left ring finger
4. Zodiac symbol for Cancer on top of right foot (work in progress)
5. A cat/butterflies/bird/feathers on my back/left shoulder, the butterflies are pink and there are splashes of turquoise throughout. 
6. A raven with its head tucked into its wings on the inside of my right arm.

Piercings: 6
Ears are pierced, regular lobe area and a second above those on each ear, 2 lower lip piercings,
also used to have belly button ring but I've taken it out and it is closed up.

Feel free to follow me http://instagram.com/urfavcowgirl87 for other pics :)


21 Apr 15 19:56
Hi sweetheart... you have a nice portfolio... I look forward to seeing more of your work and possibly working with you... keep up the good work!
27 Mar 15 17:25
Great start to your port. Would love to see more from you.
25 Mar 15 17:50
Nice work!
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