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MODELS: If you contact me to shoot you will sign a release form or it is a no go. Also, I have had issues in the past with jealous boyfriends. I do not have time for jealous ignorant boyfriends that do not understand what art is. I take what I do very seriously.

A little about my photos. I enjoy taking pictures of many things like rattlesnakes, knives, firearms, plants, and even beautiful women. I do very basic editing to my photos because I feel that I want to show as much natural beauty as I can without intervening with technology. Not that I see anything wrong with retouching, I love the work these people do. I shoot nudes from time to time. Please understand, I am not some "dude" that likes to photograph naked women just to get them into a room with me. I so deeply feel that when it comes to the female form, nothing says I am free, nothing shows more confidence and strength, and there is no better expression of the subjects self love than to capture these images. This goes a long way to piss off the Machismo Joe Six Packs of the world that want nothing more than to keep their women weak and in the kitchen. Since I went there, nothing pisses me off more than the dirty minded perverts that can only think with their cookie thumpers and take all the artistic beauty out of these types of images. The mainstream really needs to grow up and move out of mommies basement.

I am a wilderness survival/primitive technology writer, photographer, knife designer, and filmmaker from Arizona. I work with models on occasion to help promote my website, knives, and books. I have been doing this for a short time but as I learn more about this field the more I enjoy the work. I am always looking for new ways to expand my education and learn how to better work with others. I prefer black and white photography and I love working with natural lighting. Some of my work is found on my website, feel free to check it out if you would like. My site gets a lot of visits and I have several outlets for gaining exposure. I currently work with three knife companies on knife design. I have been featured twice in Tactical Knives Magazine for some of my knives and have worked with History Channel and Discovery. I have also done local news segments and I am the author of three books.



18 May 14 13:28
Hey Y'all, thank you for the FR, Love your port, keep showing the world your talent! Best wishes Abigail
24 Apr 14 20:15
Thank you very much for the FR! Ayaka
06 Apr 14 06:40
Hi John Love your work, beautiful portfolio & inspiring keep it up and all the best, cheers
27 Mar 14 04:16
Welcome! If you're in need of retouching, please check out brunettegrenaderetouching.com
26 Mar 14 13:48
Great port!
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