About Me


South Florida Photographer based in Fort Lauderdale.

I bust my ass everyday to work towards getting better. I deliver every time on every photo shoot. Wasting my time is not an option. I take what I do very seriously. I'm not here to "DATE YOU" just here to add something dope to your port and mine. I'm an easy to get along with, very professional and down to Earth - So with that said - LET'S SHOOT!

Switching My Style Up Once Again...

I do very limited and I mean limited TF* Shoots - I know times are hard for everyone but we all in this to make money and think we all should respect that... My rates are very reasonable. Just email me to request rates. If you think you have that look that would get me to shoot you TF* then hit me up but don't be upset when I send you my rates. If I message you to shoot then ASSUME it's TF* - Not going to try the Bait and Switch Technique.
Photographers Name: Dee
Cell: 954.696.5713
www.iceboxphotography.com (under construction)

PS: And to all those models out there - that set up shoots with me and then flaked out - Trust Me I don't need you! Never Have and Never Will...Respect My Time and Hard Work I put Into this Everyday.

I will always be a photographer but think about this you won't always be a model. So humble yourself!


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I would like to take this time to say thank you to all the models, make up artist, photographers and anyone else that I have worked with in the past. I appreciate everything.