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I'm Yudha"APELGEDE" and welcome to my corner of IStudio! This profile is for my artistic- fashion, beauty N glamours work.

Props to the amazing models and Make Up Artists who I've worked with. To pull off the images, they endured demanding poses, chilling winds, blinding lights and loud music while nekkid, and even getting wet.

If you're down for the challenge, I'd like to hear from you! My images are artistic- fashion, beauty N glamours work.
artistic nudes and implied nudes,

Now that you've met the virtual me, hit me up if you'd like to collaborate. If you're too shy, leave a tag and see what I say. Hope we can have some fun!

You are most welcome to visit my work at www.apelgede.deviantart.com

or Y!M :apelgede
Mobile : +628161351378

Thx To iStudio N hope could synergy with all members in Istudio.



03 Apr 14 20:01
Terrific port!
27 Sep 11 08:55
Thanks for the FR :) . . . . . Visit : www.facebook.com/cindy.devina.fans
12 Aug 11 17:28
Kok lama enggak tambah fotonya mas?
26 Jan 11 01:57
thnx for the FR... likes your photo,it`s a great photo..^^
09 Dec 10 05:24
Thank you for FR Serena
07 Dec 10 15:31
Huy .. thx u so much for confirm my FR hop u always succes :)
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