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THIS HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED SINCE 2009! See my website at www.michaelnicoletti.com or my fetish profile at https://fetlife.com/users/298294 for more recent info.

My Name is Michael Nicoletti but most people call me Nic. My rates are very reasonable and I am about creating art and not all about being just a commercial Photographer. TFCD and TFP is limited but if I contact you it means I am open to it.


*** Unsolicited (no prior contact) friend requests will be deleted. I'm here to network and create art.*****



I'm looking to create some art in my studio as well as do a lot of shooting in Downtown Saint Petersburg and on the Gulf Beaches for lifestyle, casual, glamour, lingerie, etc. I have my own lil studio set up here if the weather does not cooperate.

I am a semi professional, multi published Photographer. I shoot for submission to a magazines thru another source and I am also the staff Still Photographer for Cinelight Studios and Muse River Entertainment here in downtown Saint Petersburg and have a small studio set up here as well as tons of locations to shoot at.

I enjoy shooting swimwear on the Gulf at sunset, portraiture, headshots, casual, lifestyle, fitness, glamour, lingerie, and artistic and glamour nudes. Also the metallic body painting.


In the fall of 2009 Stina C (MM#287441) and I will be published on the cover of a book for Coffee House Press in Minneapolis MN. The book is called Ray of the Star by Laird Hunt and is about living statues in Barcelona. It will be distributed in the U.S. and Canada. 0

I have also been published in the April issue of Thunder Roads magazine (Centerfold) The June edition and invited to shoot for more issues on an ongoing basis.Also a few ads here and there.
Sometimes I shoot for magazine submissions to biker and tattoo mags..

Here is a centerfold I shot for Thunder Roads magazine (April 2008 issue)00

Ongoing shooting for magazines and calenders for publication with Top Model Productions and Bikercalenders.com

Staff still Photographer for Cinelight Studios and Muse River Entertainment in St Petersburg Florida www.cinelightstudios.com

Behind the scene shots for www.planetbuzz.com national TV commercial due out in June 2008

2nd annual Sunscreen Film Festival

3rd annual Sunscreen Film Festival

Rhonda Shears Maison Rouge Fashion Show:

(A few others as well given as needed)

Print work: Ad's/Tearsheets:

Centerfold in the April 2008 edition for Thunder Roads Magazine
June 2008 edition Thunder Roads

Inside cover full page ad for The Rare Olive Martini Bar in the program and flier for the 2007 Sunscreen Film Festival (Model Tana Rule MM#301417)

Cellphone Express (back cover ad in Latin Times magazine)

Promo shoot for Cristi Vale and the Sequel band www.cristivale.com

Multiple shoots for Muse River Entertainment.

References from out of town Models that have stayed here at my place and shot....

2009 Christina VICIOUS (MM# 339080)
2009 Angelica Das (MM# 403877) (In from Canada for a week)
2009 lethal eyes (mm#826719)
2009 Mandy Foldenhauer (MM#630953)
**** 2008 and 2009 Elena 1 (MM# 38898) as a fellow Photog
2008 Dina Castillo (MM# 242524) Here twice last was Labor Day weekend 2008
2008 Elaine D (MM# 239716) (Here twice) see http://modelelaine.blogspot.com/2008/07 … -2008.html as thats where she will send you.

2008 Ashley (AMO aka Legs (MM# 596552) (3/4/2008 to 3/24 or 3/26/2008) She lists her credit as "Lived with this one" om MM here (lol) She just came and shot and stayed here though. Nothing more...
2008 Tracy Angel (MM# 284707) Stayed here with her kids
2008 Alisa Acosta (Mayhem #86515) Stayed here twice from JAX and keeps threatening to come back! (lol)
2007 Cheryl Jacobs (MM# 306979) (Stayed here twice from NY)

2007 6/26-7/6 Chantal Melissa (MM# 19068)
2006 Hope Sheets (Maymem #128020)
2006 Lisa Ramey (Lisa10 MM#205836)
2005 Rilli (MM#103849) (OMP#21189)

All the Models I have worked with thus far: (*'s denote multiple shoots)

2005 Rilli (MM#103849) (OMP#21189)
2005 Ashley Dobbs www.ashleydobbs.net
2006 Misty/Ice
2006 Marie
2006 Teri Bernier
2006 Ashleigh
2006 Stephanie
2006 Lisa Fortier Mayhem #4677
2006 ****Gail L Mayhem #23558
2006 Wenona Mayhem #25021
2006 Sally
2006 April
2006 Arlette
****2006 zumbafied.com
2006 Michelle N (Mayhem #151087)
2006 Eddy Bogaert (Mayhem #98037)
2006 Lisa Marie
****2006 Angie Keen
2006 Adonia
***2006 Tanya
2006 Britney Brooks (Mayhem #12292)
2006 GoldFinger
2006 Jennifer Lynn (Mayhem #120880)
2006 Krystin Deanne (Mayhem #153644)
2006 Courtney Lawrence (Mayhem #163226)
****2006 Tana Rule (MM#301417)
2006 Amanda Rose (Mayhem #102651)
***2006 Alyssa Jamison MM #165173
2006 Kris Renta (KarmasMelody Mayhem #50483)
****2006 Hope Sheets (Maymem #128020)
**2006 Natasha (Mayhem#119530)
**2006 Jackie & her 3 YO daughter Kyla
****2006 Angela Stephens (MM#206192)
2006 Riley
2006 Taylor
2006 Tiffany Valentin MM#168606
2006 Alex Nunez MM#175173
2006 Gina Germano (Fitness Model) www.ginagermano.com
2006 Cheryl
2006 rosa linda online MM#103596
*****2006 Brittany (IrishBeauty MM#184611)
***2006 Binita Basnet (MM#222477)
2006 Juliana Golden (MM#206264)
***2006 Lisa Ramey (Lisa10 MM#205836)
2006 Amie rayn (MM #249728)
2006 Heather McCoy (Mayhem #102626)
2006 Alexandra Courson (MM# #213723
**2006 leryda
2006 Kali24 (Mayhem #268753)
2006 voodoo child (Mayhem #89555)
2006 The River (Mayhem #274582)
**2006 tankgirl (Mayhem #260818)
2006 Janelle NON Mayhem
2006 Leslie Nelson (Mayhem #252197)
2006 Derek Sinclair (MM# 228374)

2007 81 Models and multiple shoots with some.......

2007 Planet Julia (Mayhem #259576)
2007 Lakia Jenea (MM# 350839)
2007 GoddessPsyche (Mayhem #184985)
2007 DeidraMayhem (Mayhem #306629)
2007 Nichole Sylvester (Mayhem #278374)
2007 lxlAngellxl MM# 193276
***2007 Kali24 (Mayhem #268753)
2007 Tiger Within (Mayhem #361871)
2007 HarlequinGirl (Mayhem #331138)
2007 ***2006 Tana Rule (MM#301417) for an ad (tearsheet)
2007 BiancaHolland (Mayhem #243684)
2007 NC Gal (MM# 190072)
2007 Julia Liz (MM# 357573)
2007 Kerri Taylor (MM # 982)
**2007 Derek Sinclair (MM# 228374)
***2007 Tana Rule (MM#301417)
2007 Sammi
2007 Lanka (MM #360984)
2006 Gail L Mayhem #23558
2006 Amie rayn (MM #249728)
2007 Cheryl Jacobs (MM# 306979)
2007 Heather Myers (MM# 107774)
2007 Lauren Daniels (MM# 265044)
2007 Rebecca Smith (MM# 133704)
2007 Alicia Alicia (MM# 315467)
2007 Barbie Boswell (MM# 377853)
2007 Elena yet again!
2007 Chiquita_Girl (MM# 254087)
2007 AngelaRoseV (MM# 359727)
**2007 Jessi J (MM# 287875)
***2007 Shannon
**2007 Kristy Hedrick (MM#382934)
2007 KJMODEL (MM# 37928)
2007 Susan (KJMODEL's friend)
2007 Kathy Rice (MM# 239057) June 12th -19th

2007 Chicago Shoot (6/21-6/24) Amy Hamilton (MM# 387637), **Laurie Sullivan (MM# 392776), **Urszula K (MM# 365292), Mandy Brynhilsen (MM# 368395), JohannaaaH (MM# 407409)

2007 6/26-7/6 Chantal Melissa (MM# 19068)
2007 7/5-7/11 Gina Maria (MM#271405)
2007 The Bahamas with Jennifer Bullman
2007 Mary Tampa (MM#245791)
**2007 Jessi J (MM# 287875)
2007 Jakalin (Mayhem #91164)
**2007 Dicerb (Mayhem #427978)
**2007 Lenacactus (Mayhem #401170)
2007 Intrigue 3 (Mayhem #468504)
**2007 Irina Dudenkova (MM# 408651)
2007 Pam F (MM# 410096)
**2007 Lauren H (S African Model MM# 468224)
**2007 Joanne Spracklen (MM# 222938)
**2007 Julia Harper (MM# 430387)
2007 Mor Kaduri (MM# 495923)
2007 Tiffany P (MM# 294850)
***2007 Jen (roxyplanet03 MM# 502949)
2007 Trini 1 (MM# 495025)
** 2007 Anicia Shali (MM# 168685)
2007 Chelsea House (MM# 488210)
2007 Sage (MM# 510779)
2007 Candace Erin (MM# 440887)
2007 Jenni Zee (MM# 477154)
2007 Cat Marie (MM# 493208)
2007 cristivale.com (Non MM Band shoot)
2007 RusskieBabe (MM# 523396)
2007 Jillien Brooke Thomas (MM# 460851)
**2007 Tracy Angel (MM# 284707)
2007 Jennifer Raleigh (MM# 103644)
2007 Amanda Fowler (MM# 391521)
2007 Jessica Nova (MM# 529891)
**2007 marliese leitner (MM# 531941)
2007 Carly MC (MM# 488723)
2007 Pamela June (MM# 474850)
2007 Helena Marie Jones (MM# 462044)
2007 Stina C (MM# 287441)
2007 EvEsfirEfliE (MM# 502501)
2007 Casey W (MM# 530688)
2007 Rain Gurl MM# 487671

2008 58 Models and many with multiple shoots
****2008 Mary Tampa (MM#245791)
2008 GiovannaWynn (MM# 538322)
2008 Lisa Lisa (MM# 330048)
***2008 Kristi Walker (MM# 167494)
******* 2008 Melinda W (MM# 581689)
*** 2008 Alisa Acosta Mayhem #86515
**2008 TaraRyze MM# 546749
2008 Heather Brooke (146082)
2008 Cooey (MM# 432481)
*2008 Raichel Joleine (MM# 56725)
**2008 kerryintpa (MM# 16503
2008 ********* AMO aka Legs (MM# 596552) (3/4-3/26)****
***2008 Toni AP (MM# 667570)
**** 2008 JoJo Suicide (MM# 93472)
***** 2008 Gail L Mayhem #23558
2008 Logan (soon to be on MM)
**2008 Paula (soon to be on MM)
2008 HeatherShanholtz (MM# 22359)
**2008 EveAngelaDuBosel (MM# 502501)
2008 Dina Castillo (MM# 242524)
*******2008 Elaine D (MM# 239716)
2008 -KT- (MM #263892)
2008 Kris Murrell (MM# 701032)
********* 2008 Nikita Ukrane Model (MM# 716296)
2008 Glendon Taylor MM# 624452
2008 Carrie D (MM# 381338)
***2008 Sunnyskys (MM# 506263)
**2008 Tanya Marie0624 (MM# 629993)
2008 Natalie Allen (MM# 734977)
**2008 SheaLee (MM#193047)
***2008 Toni AP (MM# 667570)
2008 Kamila
2008 Snizzy Snatch (MM#315469) and her friend Kerry
2008 Katie (MM# 338071)
2008 Emily Caprice (MM #624924)
2008 TaraRyze (MM# 546749)
2008 rebecca keller MM# 717506
2008 Debora Lynn (MM#722019)
**2008 Amy Isom (MM#759279)
2008 LisanDuvaul (Mayhem #648190)
****2008 Dina Castillo (MM# 242524) All Labor Day weekend
2008 Erin Taylor (MM#727316)
2008 ToriBell (MM#755126)
2008 Rachel Sue (MM#74938)
2008 Aerin (MM# 756759)
2008 Tara Danielle (MM# 680609)
2008 Manuela1986 (MM #827582)
2008 Kali24 (MM#268753)
2008 Agent Cherry (807348)
**2008 Brandaylne Turner (MM# 839136)

2009 Noelle Marie (MM# 522785)
2009 Brandaylne Turner (MM# 839136)
2009 Summer1966 (MM#854465)
2009 Delilah (MM# 9271)
**2009 T I A (MM# 658672)
2009 Marianella Morrison (MM# 898439)
**2009 Vineeta (MM#222477)
2009 Lisa Marie TMC (MM# 861932)
2009 Mercilynn (MM# 581760)
2009 MissJacqueline (MM# 856952)
2009 Rachel Sinclair (MM# 802690)
2009 Xana (MM# 248433)
2009 Fly-girl Jenn Lynn (MM# 731823)
**2009 Jo-Louise (MM# 696494)
**2009 Brooke Lauren (MM# 1023960)
2009 Pink (non MM)
2009 Maria Giacalone (MM# 1043274)
2009 Nicole (Maria's friend)
2009 Mandie Foldenauer (MM# 630953)
2009 Hollis Ireland (MM# 588710)
2009 lethal eyes (mm# 826719)
2009 Angelica Das (MM# 403877)
2009 Christina VICIOUS (MM# 339080)

Caroline Van Haastert (MM#203539)
Jasmine Nicole Smith (Mayhem #115473)
*****Natalie 2007 (MM#458053)
****Shirley Soeth (MM# 516603)
Natasha (Creat Nations MM#512740)
** RaquelCaos (faeryjane and Her Beauty Kills MM# 580460)
TaraRyze (MM# 546749)

Comments, Praise, etc from Models I have shot with:

Christina VICIOUS 05/02/09 (MM# 339080)
Nic -- I had an awesome time staying with you & shooting with you! I don't care about any rumors i've heard or drama people want to start with you -- you're an awesome photographer and person! I'd shoot & stay with you again & again!!! Only shoot more with you -- cus we got some awesome stuff & def. could have used some more time!! Seriously Nic, thanks for everything your a total sweetheart but aren't afraid to to tell me like it is. Thanks again & i'm looking forward to seeing our photos!!

Love, Christina [VICIOUS]

lethal eyes 04/24/09 4:53pm (mm# 826719)
Nic you are an amazing photographer and a great friend. I HIGHLY reccomend nic to any models out there! Wish i could get back to Flordia because i'd definatly shot again!

Elena 1 04/23/09 8:37pm (MM# 38898)
Nic, You're an exceptional photographer and a great and sincere friend! Thank you for everything and Florida seems so much nicer to me just because of your presence here !


Angelica Das 04/23/09 4:09pm (MM# 403877)
Hey I'd like to say again thank you Nic for the awesome time I had during my week staying with you! I had never stayed with a photographer before, and you made me very comfortable and at home. It was cool that we could just go out and take shots anytime, which I totally know wouldn't happen if I had stayed in a hotel! AND the shots turned out AMAZING, very hot!

Angelica Das 04/17/09 6:04pm (MM# 403877)

Angelica Das 04/16/09 7:14pm (MM# 403877)
Hey you, thanks again for a wonderful time and some killer shots! lol you should put that you also provide nibblits.....pretzel nibblits that is!

lethal eyes 03/24/09 5:37am
Nic is an amazing photographer, wonderful man, easy to work with, fun person to be around, and just all around great! Any models considering shooting you HAVE to take up the opportunity!

Hollis Ireland (MM# 588710) 03/19/09 7:25am
Nic! You are awesome, awesome, awesome!

I had an amazing time shooting with you and I can't wait to do it again asap! You are super friendly, easy and fun to work with, and a fantastic photographer. Thank you so much for everything and I'm looking forward to my next trip to Florida already.

Ladies, work with Nic! You'll have a great time and get some amazing shots!

Brandaylne Turner (MM# 839136) 03/19/09 5:29am
I miss you more and can not wait to shoot with you again soon! Muah!!!

maria giacalone 03/08/09 (MM# 1043274) (Personal Message))
Nic, I wanted to thank you for shooting pics yesturday and doing such an amazing job on them. I have worked with several big names in the biz and not many of them have your kind of talent. You truley have a gift! I look forward to doing business with you in the near future! xoxox - Maria

Jo-Louise 02/16/09 12:13pm
Hey Nic was great shooting with you and love the pics!!

Should be back down on Thursday though so hopefully we can shoot again!!!

Thanks so much for the kind tag hun, hope to work with you again soon!! speak soon. jo louise xxx

Xana (MM# 248433) 02/02/09 8:45am
Hey you! Had a geat time! Even though i got lost and the sun sucks HAA. Hope you had a safe trip home! < : Jill~

MissJacqueline (MM# 856952) 01/31/09 7:58pm
Hey Nic Dear it was a pleasure working with you too!!! Thank you for everything! You were such a sweety with me...
Hopefully i get plenty rest for our next shoot.
We will keep in touch. Much love xoxo ~Jackie

Lisa Marie TMC (MM# 861932) 01/24/09 8:33pm
Nic. You were one of the first pphotographers I saw on here and Ive looked forward to our shoot for some time. You definetly delivered. Thank you so much and we will DEFINETLY shoot again. Models.....Nic rocks
Lisa Marie -)

T I A (MM# 658672) 01/12/09 9:53am
Loved every minute of it! Esp the bar scene lol

LETS CREATE AGAIN!!! You are badass my friend

Not only are you one of the most fantastic people i have ever encountered....UR F-IN PHOTOS KILL MM!! They have no idea... but we do! I can't wait to post them...
Ladies if he tags u- DONT MISS OUT!
Thanks for the great shoots and WE AINT DONE YET!!

Brandaylne Turner (MM# 839136) 01/07/09 1:15pm
I guess I have to share….you are no longer a well kept secret, lol…..Nic I look forward to every shoot with you and I am always trying to create ways to shoot with you again, your amazing talent is intoxicating!

Thank you for making our shoot easy, professional, enjoyable and most of all productive! See you soon…….

Noelle Marie (MM# 522785) 01/05/09 6:10am I am having such a great time with u i thought i'd tell everyone on mm how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING U R!! I had so much fun shooting with you, the pics.. well i wont ruin the surprise for everyone but OMG u rock!!

Summer1966 01/05/09 4:38pm (MM#854465)
OK, Now that my finger is numb from scrolling!!!!! Anyone who is on the fence about working with Nic: YOU ARE CRAZY IF YOU DON'T!!!! Our day together was SOOOOOO FUN!!! He has great locations, a great attitude and he works WITH you not on his own agenda. Nic is a diamond in the rough, people!!! Kisses and Hugs, Summer1966

Agent Cherry (807348) 12/17/08 8:46am
Nic, I just wanted to stop in and tell you I had a wonderful time shooting with you. You are probably one of the most talented photographers I know. You were such a joy to work with and so sweet to me. Thank you again for everything I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed working with you.
Have a great Christmas, hopefully we can hook up again soon.
xo AC (From a PM) Im booked every weekend untill febuary w/work and kid stuff but yes when it frees up I am so there. You are awesome Nic ty ty for everything you are a wonderful man.

Amy Isom (MM#759279) 11/20/08 8:36pm
Hi love the work we did!!! Let's get together again soon!


10/22 Aerin (mm# 756759)
Hey Nic, Just wanted to say hello. Things have been hectic and I have not had a real chance to go through the pics or do anything. I am going to try this weekend.

I just wanted to say thanks again, i had a great time and really enjoyed shooting with your. The pics look great.

I really like hanging out with you and despite my rooftop experience I really had a great time and loved the work you did. The band loved what they saw so far as I posted a few pics on my myspace page. I am going to add a few more and a link to your myspace very soon.

Thanks again looking forward to hearing back from you soon,


Aerin (MM# 756759) 10/15/08 8:52am
Hey Nic, had a great time shooting with you yesterday. I like what I saw, cant wait to see the finished product. See ya soon!

Rachael Sue 10/05/08 10:37pm
I had so much fun!! u r the bestest!!! thanks so much and will talk to u soon!!! sweet dreams

Subject: Wow...just....wow!
Lisann DeVaul 08/25/08 11:03 AM
So, I had to wait till we got home to get the pics into my laptop (just easier to transfer with our network then a flash drive) I've been looking through them since yesterday morning! There are so many that I absolutely LOVE! It's impossible to pick! lol Hope you're having a great morning!

2008 LisanDuvaul (Mayhem #648190) Awwww, I bet you were tired! Yeah, the weather pretty much sucked this week :-(

I had a great time shooting with you and am thrilled with the images! Next time we get down this way, I'll make sure to let you know!


Amy Isom (MM# 759279) 08/19/08 9:19am I loved the photo shoot with you! You are an amazing photographer, very professional and fun to work with. I look forward to more sexy and artistic shoots with you ;-)`XOXO, my

Debora Lynn 08/15/08 4:22pm
Nic, Thanks for an Awesome Bar Shoot Yesterday! We really got some Phenomenal Shots... and had Tons of Fun! I'll let you know my Absolute Fav's in a day or two! Next time - I'll Bring the RED Dress! And Never leave home without it again!

Can't wait to make it to the Roof Top in September!

All The Best!
MM #722019

rebecca keller MM# 717506 08/14/08 9:59 PM
Thanks a lot Nic for your time and patience. I really did have a good time shooting with you; I def would like the opportunity to shoot with you again. Your work is awesome. I am sure that next time I will be more comfortable now that i know you and what to expect. Thanks for offering to help me out give me advice. I will def take you up on that.
well thanks again for everything i really do appreciate it look forward to working with you again! just let me know

Emily Caprice (MM #624924) 08/11/08 11:42pm
Great working with you too. Awesome pics for sure! Can't wait to do it again!

katie (MM# 338071) 08/10/08 11:26am
The photos are great! We got some cool shots! Thanks again, it was fun!

Gail L 08/07/08 11:58am
Hey, Nic, I got the CD. Boy, you really do nice work, man. I'll be in touch, and thanks again.

Snizzy Snatch (MM# 315469) 08/02/08 2:21am
I had such a great time shooting with you today, you made me feel very comfortable and we got some great shots! Cant wait til the next time!


17 Jul 15 15:11
Gorgeous work!
22 Sep 13 12:33
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28 Jun 12 19:41
Nic, thank you for FR. I really like your work.
13 Dec 11 19:23
thank you very much!!! kissss
12 Jun 11 10:05
Very nice photos! Anytime if you need a PhotoEditing/Retoucher,please touch me! And you can send me one to have a try.This one is free. Email: garden_siyu@126.com My site: http://gardenofsiyu.xp3.biz/en%201.htm
01 Jun 09 09:58
Hey Nic, thanks for the nice comment. Yes, I'd love to work with you sometime.
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