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I love photography. I'ts one of the many ways in which I love to create beauty. One of Gods greatest creations in my opinion is the female form. I love to capture that greatness in still life. Nuf said. Lets shoot.

Escorts for models are welcome.

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. My wife Adrianne
. Wayne "ZOOM" Summerlin Sr
. Wayne "FLI" Summerlin Jr mm#4025
. Mr Morgano (HS Photo teacher)
. Will Sullivan & the boys at Proline
. Victor Garcia ( Deep Hitters Magazine )
. Kerri Taylor MM#982
. Julie Maximova
. Anna Ward
. Yessica G
. Daniela F mm# 56212
. Taylor Belle
. Carly Rose
. Margo Vanderoster
. Sandra Harrilal
. Juliet Harrilal
. Isabelle Caron
. Malinda Hines
. Suzi Lorain
. Alison Garey
. Morgan Chen
. Cristy Targosz
. Cindy Molnar
. Mallory Clark mm# 397994
. Gretchen Bowen
. Gretchen Reinheardt
. Amber Lee Entinger
. Debra Hall
. Kristiana Kol Dass
. Kristen
. Merita Sima
. Evelyn Lori
. Delores Henderson
. Savanah Samson
. Marilyn Castro
. Michele Mayden
. Sarah Miles mm# 106219
. Betsey Maldonado
. Jennifer Columbo
. Rosa Accosta mm# 71468
. Gwen
. Michael Levine esq
. Bianca DaZz mm# 478466
. Vikki Star
. Angela Sommers mm#676124
. Jessica Bunny
. Brenda Lynn
. Joy Dunbar
. Yandra H MM#642832
. Ragini Patel
. Jade Vixen
. Samra
. Laura Lee
. Karina Maria Cardos
. Dorothy MM#11557
. Boushra Bendana
. Nikki Sabastian
. Valerie Cormier
. Tara Babcock
. Norki N
. Jean Chung
. LeeAnn Lux Leah
. Karen Lozano
. Jessi June
. Shawna Lei
. Lissarette Vasquez
. Leeann Lux Leah
. Marlene Mendez
. Stephy C
. Karyna Kudzina
. Kelly Larsen
. Nondi DeSantes


. Mallory Clark: 397994
. Model Mayhem


10 Mar 14 17:02
Gorgeous port!
23 Aug 11 06:41
Love U Port..Perfect...:) if it is done in my country Indonesia, of course I would love to be your model, because in addition you can see the beauty of places like the Beach Anyer Serang & Kuta Beach Bali
28 May 11 02:48
Absolutely stunning portfolio. LOVE your work!!! Brenda
30 May 10 22:11
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
29 Mar 10 23:00
great book! would love to feature on guy.com
23 Mar 10 20:46
Photos are crack juice. I want more. Great
22 Mar 10 19:40
AWESOME Portfolio! Welcome.
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