About Me

I am an artist and amateur photographer living and working on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

I have always had a love for art and my desire to create is an important part of who I am. I began as a painter (mostly oils) and now find myself wanting to explore and to improve my photography. At present I am exploring the many aspects that can be captured of the human form, including portraits, glamour, and fine art, creative, and artistic nudes.

I photograph for my own satisfaction and do not attempt to sell or publish my work. I do, however, use figure studies as reference for oil paintings.

I have always enjoyed working with models, and I endeavour to capture a free and healthy lifestyle using the many beautiful and interesting locations available on the Sunshine Coast.

I am happy to work with models on a TFP / TFCD basis for mutual benefit - to expand my portfolio and experience, and to help new models expand theirs. So if you are a model with a brilliant idea, contact me so we can brainstorm! You can expect to enjoy an interesting shoot.



04 May 11 16:18
I had not realized you were showcasing your art also on here. Welcome. Continue to enjoy your camera and focus on the beauty around you Down Under.
03 Mar 10 20:22
hey, hahahah, There were a lot of mosquitoes that day hey, but it adds to the pictures... I am so happy with the shots hey :)
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