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To say I dislike writing bios is a grand understatement. To say I am an eclectic photographer equally so.

The pictures presented represent those I enjoy more than perhaps my very best. I like that each takes me back to some specific time and place and I can hear my students howl in protest over that statement!

So to get rid of the specifics: BS/BA in Art History and an undeclared minor in Art from UW-Madison; MA in Art from same. 11 years faculty UW-Madison-Extension.

My client list includes the Mom and Pop business at the corner to Fortune 500 companies; major fashion, hair, beauty, and design magazines; fashion designers and artists. The best gig: 10 years as special assignment photographer for the United States Olympic Team. My work is published often in the states and Internationally. A general member of ASMP since 1991.

I think photography is not a process created in the mind like painting or drawing, rather a collaborative effort including many elements, conditions, situations and people. And to that end acknowledge all those clients, art directors, stylists, models, friends, and not the least, assistants who became coconspirators and made these images possible. Having the model and her/his ideas be instrumental in the development of concept is essential.

For me pictures start with narrative and if lucky end in metaphor. I’m not sure we create anything -- more simply design what is in the viewfinder with one eye looking forward toward post-production.

iStudio is a great source for talent. Those who have worked with me know at the very least we will have a lot of fun, many laughs and if we do our jobs right, a large stack of distinctive pictures.



26 Oct 14 14:03
Superior portfolio, one of the best I've seen.
06 Sep 12 00:09
Your work leaves me breathless. Wished you were closer or I could be like Dorthy and click my heels 3 times and say "There's no place like Studiomtm". Maybe one day. Hugs and Kisses, Haely B
05 Sep 12 15:15
hey, wow, your work makes me want to get back to the edge... thank you.
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