About Me

Currently living in (yes, this changes often) New Orleans, Louisiana.


Born and predominantly raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I've also lived Nantucket, MA, Vero Beach, FL, Hollywood, CA, Atlanta GA, and overseas.

I prefer to lounge in merry old London, relax and recharge in lovely Paris, and always lunge for a chance to be reunited with my beloved Prague (Praha1.)

I've used 35mm film and darkrooms for over a decade before switching (except for gallery work) to digital. Yes, I'm very experienced and good at photoshop. However, I'm very clear about the difference between photography and graphics.

That being said, one of my major points is to point out that of the 1500+ photos on my site, over 1200 of them are 35mm, and, if tweaked out, have done so in a darkroom.


16 Apr 09 16:29
Ouch! nice port
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